Acer 'Void Warranty' sticker

  Graham ® 13:38 17 Feb 2005

Just set up a PC for a friend, and noticed this sticker sealing the cover 'Warranty void if removed'.

There is a reference on Ebuyer's Reviews which suggests this is not applicable in English law.

Any comments, please? If this has been already covered could someone post a link?

  961 16:07 17 Feb 2005

Most computers with a warranty have a sealed case.

You can e-mail the company and ask about their policy but if it goes wrong and the seal is broken then generally you have a problem

  Stuartli 17:25 17 Feb 2005

I find that unacceptable - if you purchase something then it is your property and you should be able to do as you wish with it within normal boundaries.

Bit like buying a car and being informed you cannot open the bonnet to check the oil and water or fill the windscreen bottle.

  Dorsai 19:17 17 Feb 2005

Yes, it is your property, but it's their warranty. All warranties have 'terms and conditions'. That is why it is so important to read the small print before buying somthing.

I do agree thought that is seems restrictive. How is one supposed to de-dust the fans? If I bought a PC that i could not open it, would end up going back efter 6 months, with blocked CPU fan/heatsink and a fried CPU. Chinhilla hair kills PC fans PDQ.

  Graham ® 19:21 17 Feb 2005

Thanks, the lady has a Persian cat which sleeps on the bed in the same room as the PC!

  961 19:26 17 Feb 2005


  oresome 20:23 17 Feb 2005


The warranty on the car would be void if you didn't check the fluid levels!

I can't think of any other domestic electronics where the manufacturer would honour the warranty where there was evidence of "tampering".

PC's seem to be a special case where it's common to remove the case and upgrade bits. Perhaps best to wait until the warranty has expired before doing any upgrades? Hard to establish it has a manufacturing fault once you've had the cover off and replaced something before it develops a fault!

  Graham ® 20:34 17 Feb 2005

As I see it, a computer is a special case, in that it is user upgradeable. The PC in question is an Aspire T120E, ripe for upgrading!

  Dorsai 20:37 17 Feb 2005

Long haired cat!

In that case, I would make sure the PC is not on the floor. Gravity it all masterful, and cat hair is no exception. It will fall to the floor, and get sucked into the PC.

I would recommend the PC is in a separate room, and that the cat is not allowed in. I don't have the luxury of putting my PC in a separate room, as I don't have another room to use.

  wee eddie 20:38 17 Feb 2005

Why not buy a PC with the specification that you need.

  Graham ® 20:52 17 Feb 2005

I have.

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