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  horrox 12:11 06 Jan 2007

I bought an Acer Aspire 3020 through Laptops direct on 24th October 2005.Having seen it well reviewed in the computer press.
On 28th June it needed a new hard drive which was replaced under guarantee, but I lost all my data and had to reinstall all my programs.

In October 2006, the computer began to have problems with the display, with the screen becoming unreadable and the message “problem caused by the following file ati2dvag the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop”

On contacting Acer, I was instructed to download the driver update from the Acer site which made no difference. I asked my call to be recorded as I knew I was getting near to the expiry of the 12 months guarantee.

I visited the ATI website and was somewhat concerned that ATI did not support ACER computers although it did a number of other manufacturers.

Finally I got on to ACER again to take the unit in. I had decided tobuy Acer because I discovered that the repair centre was in Plymouth near me. However they do not accept hand deliveries, so I took the boxed unit to the DHL centre just seventy yards from the repair centre who said they woud deliver in the morning of 29th December. I had to pay pounds 41.13 as it was now over 1 year old.

The unit was returned with all my software removed, it had the same problem with the screen on the very first day I used it, also:
The engineer failed to install Acer emanager
Acer recovery is not there
DVD disks are not recognized, saying DVD coder is not installed.

On phoning ACER once again to query the repair I was told a new case had to be started.

I am appalled by the service I have received and the quality of the laptop.

  spuds 12:48 06 Jan 2007

Make a search about Acer service and the service providers. Acer is a good product, but when things go wrong?.

It would appear as though the new case number is possibly due to the service company considering that the previous problems were resolved, and possibly that they now consider the warranty is no longer available.

Consumer law may think differently, contact Consumer Direct click here for more legal advice on consumer rights.

  Jimmy14 13:59 06 Jan 2007

I am sorry to hear of your dealings with Acer. I once had to phone their technical support line for a querie about my laptop and their service leaves alot to be desired. I have had my aspire laptop 1 year and 1 month and it's still new as when I bought it, no problems whatsoever.

  horrox 21:44 07 Jan 2007

I now discover that they have removed the following software that came installed on the laptop when I bought it:

Acer arcade

Acer grid vista

Acer e recovery

Cyberlink power dvd

So I am unable to play DVD's or backup

  horrox 13:20 22 Jan 2007

I have just sent my laptop back for a third time. They keep returning it having worked on it but it is still faulty.
It won't even load up windows.

  The Brigadier 13:25 22 Jan 2007

Sadly due to the age of the Laptop you are now at the mercuy of Acer.
Acer seem to have gone downhill on the service side of things in the last few years, this could well result in a downfall of sales, only time will tellon this!

  horrox 16:44 22 Feb 2007

The mercy of Acer may not be out of the question.
I received a letter dated 31/1/07 saying they will repair it but are "awaiting spares". Three weeks later I am still awaiting laptop.

  frankie 20:46 22 Feb 2007

i had loads of problems with acer contact trading standards there is a consumer law covering six years so basically your laptop should be expected to be of good quality,not sure of full wording,but i feel your claim will be from where you bought laptop,not acer,they will put you right then you can go too acer fully loaded,keep posting let us know how you get on

  horrox 19:06 12 Mar 2007

Have now had a response from Acer.
After the third visit to their repair centre, they claim DHL have lost it and say they will replace it.
We shall see.
Still waiting

  HondaMan 09:14 13 Mar 2007

to buy an Acer laptop for my wife, but having read this, it's back to the drawing board again!


  spuds 11:09 13 Mar 2007

Something that I tend to find a little disturbing is the fact nearly, if not all, of the mainline well respected retailers who sell Acer products, some at fair discounts. Yet on the service side, things do seem to go wrong when the unit fail for whatever reason. And usually again in most cases, the retailer provides the customer the address or phone number to Acer as the first contact point for problem correction. You would think that Acer would have first class no nonsense support, considering the volume of products sold via the well respected retailer base.

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