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ACER M1939 Desktop PC additional information wanted

  Armchair 20:22 27 Jul 2011

I'm interested in buying a new desktop PC, and I spotted this one:-

I need more info. before deciding whether or not to go for it, though. Maybe someone on here owns one and can help?

1) What make and model PSU does it have?

2) How many RAM slots does it have, and are any of them unoccupied?

3) Which motherboard does it use (so I can find out if it has a PCIe x16 slot)?

  The Kestrel 22:03 28 Jul 2011

I have looked around on the Acer website, but this PC is not listed under their products section. I suspect that it is especially made for PC World. The only way to find answers to your questions seems to be asking for more detailed specs at PC World.

  Armchair 09:27 29 Jul 2011

Thanks for the response, Kestrel. I think you're right. I think I'll have to go and ask a member of staff to open the case on one of these PCs, and let me have a look at the components it uses. Wonder if they'd do that?

  Armchair 17:01 31 Jul 2011

Hey, thanks a lot for that, qbie! Didn't expect any more responses.


250w PSU - I had thought to buy the PC and install a half decent but not so power hungry graphics card, but a 250w unit is no good for that even though I know that FSP make quality gear.

No vacant RAM slots - No good, either. I don't want to have remove already installed RAM so I can install more.

Definitely resolved now. No sale.

  HondaMan 08:26 01 Aug 2011

You may be better-off going to Novatech, starting from a bvasic bundle and specifying exactly what you need. Strikes me that the one you have looked at is pretty basic!

  Armchair 09:10 01 Aug 2011

"Strikes me that the one you have looked at is pretty basic!"

It appeared to be good value, given the limited information PC World provided. That i3 2100 CPU is supposed to be a great choice for gaming on a budget (it out-games any of the AMD quad core CPUs), and I had thought to add some more cheap RAM and a £70-ish graphics card. Not to be. I'm in no hurry to buy, though. My current desktop's motherboard and CPU date from 2002.

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