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  mjojo 11:54 11 Jul 2005

Thinking of getting a laptop, and would appreciate some advice! Do a lot of photo and video editing, web design, and browsing, but no gaming. Need long battery life, wifi, and dvd burner. Was thinking click here or click here

Will the graphics card improve performance for my usage, or would I be better spending the difference in price upgrading the memory of the other, which is DDR2?

  Aspman 15:53 11 Jul 2005

wifi and CPU heavy tasks will run your battery down very fast. You may wish to put your money towards a second battery or a high capacity battery.

You need as much horse power as you can for video and disk space as well.

  mjojo 16:44 11 Jul 2005

Ok, so the 4101 has a higher bus speed 533mhz, and it also has the graphics card. The 4051 has integrated graphics, and 400mhz fsb.

Will the faster DDR2 memory make up for the difference? The graphics card knocks off an hour in battery life, and I'm not sure it would be any great advantage to me in itself. The 4051 is 5 hours, the 4101 only 4.

  Aspman 14:03 12 Jul 2005

they both look good for the money. but if you think you are going to get 4-5 hours battery life from a laptop while video editing you'll be disappointed.

Heavy use like that could take your battery life to under an hour.

I doubt the DDR2 will make a much of a difference.
The real bottleneck on a laptop is the HD. Most only run at 4500rpm.

HD space will also be an issue with your viso editing. 60Gb is not a lot for video you could fill it very quickly.

I think you are trying to make a square peg fit a round hole.

  mjojo 23:40 12 Jul 2005

Aspman, thanks for the info, I know I'm expecting alot!

The battery life is just the manufacturers quotes, PC Advisor gave the 292 (similar model/battery) a 3 hour life in their test. What was significant to me was the drain the graphics card caused. Acer specify an hour loss when the same model has a graphics card.

If it is of no significance for my purpose, then I am better choosing a model without a graphics card. I didn't realise the hard disk would be the bottleneck though. I see what you mean about the slower speeds. It's not for professional video editing, and most of the big stuff will be completed on the desktop.

I've got a big hammer for that square peg :))

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