Acer Laptop

  morddwyd 09:38 02 Jan 2010

Recently took delivery of a new Acer, but there were frequent crashes and hangs (within the first 24 hours), so I tried a factory recovery (from partition) , only to receive a message that it could not go ahead because of a partitioning problem.

No problem with the return (I hope!) but not sure whether to seek a refund or replacement.

So far as I am aware Acer have a fairly good reputation for reliability, so was this a one off, or does anybody know differently?

  961 10:36 02 Jan 2010

They do have a good reputation as far as I know and a recent purchase proved good value and works well

However, if something such as a computer goes wrong out of the box I'm always rather inclined to seek a refund and start again from scratch, even if you purchase the same model again

This avoids any history about "broke one already" sort of thing if, by chance, another fault arises. It also avoids the replacement that turns out to be not quite new and all the other sorts of trouble that can arise

In no way am I suggesting that this sort of thing would happen here, but life has taught me (from both sides of the selling/buying fence)that what goes wrong can continue in that manner, however hard everybody involved tries to avoid it

  Woolwell 18:04 02 Jan 2010

In my experience Acer can be good or hopeless but I think that is true for every manufacturer. In this case I would ask for a refund and go for a different brand.

  Strawballs 19:23 02 Jan 2010

Had my Acer Aspire for over a year now without problem.

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