Acer Ferrari Laptop

  seanyoung 10:34 14 Nov 2003

Yesterday I set about looking for a new laptop online and to my surprise found the coolest thing on E-bay... a very cool looking Red Ferrari Laptop.
OK, so it may seem a bit pretentious, but this thing looks so good and of course I bought one. Expecting it in about a week. Will maybe post a brief review when I receive it.

Has anybody else bought one of these?

  powerless 22:09 19 Nov 2003

I'm thinking of it baby.

  WRC 23:01 19 Nov 2003

Why buy a notebook that is low on spec and over priced just because it's red and has a Ferrari badge on it. What happened to performance and specification? I suggest you go to click here and look at the there new range to find a great deal.

  powerless 23:06 19 Nov 2003

I'm young.

  rickf 08:23 20 Nov 2003

It does look the part and very tempting and extremely modern. Do you know there are colours to choose from apart from red. But as suggested there are better specs laptop at better prices. To each his own in the end I guess and why not?

  seanyoung 12:15 20 Nov 2003

Seriously guys,
I looked at Mvision and their laptops do not even come near the Ferrari one in spec or style.
I wanted something that was the business.
Check out the spec...
- Athlon 2500
- 512MB 333 DDR
- 60GB HDD
- DVD +/-RW
- 4 in 1 Card Reader
- 128MB ATI Radeon 9200
- 8x AGP
- 802.11g Wireless LAN
- Bluetooth
- InfraRed
- 4 x USB 2.0 ports
- Firewire

and it looks damn good.
I paid £1190 + VAT. Couldn't find alternative for any less than £1400 + VAT

And, anyway... I too am young and carefree

  rickf 14:12 20 Nov 2003

Good on ya! That's the way to go.

  StephShadow 19:39 21 Nov 2003

you must buy the Olympus Ferrari Mju 400 to match it! page 32 PCA Jan - Definitely so over the top it's almost classy...

  JIM 22:14 21 Nov 2003

Has anybody else bought one of these?

I'm thinking of it baby.

Money to burn!!!!!

I'm young.

It does look the part

I too am young and carefree

Olympus Ferrari Mju 400 brummmmmmmmm!

Well iam old still like RED though! :)and lol.

Seriously, worth thinking about,Post the link.


  StephShadow 23:54 21 Nov 2003

Read the printed matter! Darn, how many forum posters don't actually buy the mag? Behave petrol-heads!

  Djohn 02:52 22 Nov 2003

click here Is this the one?

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