acer desktop what do you think??

  Giggsy252 23:19 16 Jun 2006

im seriously considering this desktop but their seems to be mixed opinion whether its usb 2.0 or 1.1.

click here

Could anyone shed any light on this and generally what do they think of the package??

Cheers in advance

  Woolwell 00:21 17 Jun 2006

It has USB 2 (specifications state 6 x Hi-speed). Rare to find a new desktop with USB 1.

Others will not be able to advise on the package unless they know what you want to use it for.

Onboard graphics using 64MB shared resources is a limiting factor. Some would not want onboard sound. It's also a mini-tower. This may not be a problem but depends on what you want out of the system.

  Mavericke 11:02 17 Jun 2006

The package is quite reasonably priced. I do agree with Woolwell that the only limitation here is the onboard graphics card. If you don't play high resolution games, it will be alright for you.

  Methedrine 12:59 17 Jun 2006

I was looking at that one the other day. You can't go wrong at that price. I'm thinking of getting one for my son for Christmas.

  Giggsy252 19:15 17 Jun 2006

thanks people, the review is mixed regarding usb 2.0, some claiming its usb 2.0 whilst some say its usb 1.0 , cany anyone shed any light on this?

is it more likley to be usb 2.0?


  Woolwell 19:56 17 Jun 2006

See what I put in my previous post - USB2
Here is another write up.
click here

What do you want to use it for?

  De Marcus™ 20:54 17 Jun 2006

It's most definitely USB 2.0, they shouldn't be any confusion in that area.

  Giggsy252 20:57 17 Jun 2006

cool thanks woolwell and de marcus for that. I just bought the pc, one question, on the ebuyer site its states 1gb of ram yet on the woolwell link it says 512 mb of ram??

Any concearn over this or has ebuyer upgraded the pc?

  De Marcus™ 21:07 17 Jun 2006

Different retailers, different specs, that's life, you should (and are entitled to by law) the spec that is shown on the ebuyer site. You should also make sure you have a hard copy of that spec, perhaps a printout, so you can compare when the shiny new machine arrives ;-) I suspect you'll find it will perfectly match, I've ordered many things from ebuyer over the years and never had a problem, or at least one they didn't sort out competently and to my satisfaction.

  Giggsy252 21:43 17 Jun 2006

just using it for general multimedia like internet and dvd films. Not really into gaming so i thought this is a good overall package for the price?

What do you reckon?

  De Marcus™ 21:46 17 Jun 2006

For those requirements, it should perform admirably.

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