Acer and Dell which to buy?

  Boy Zone 17:06 11 Feb 2010

I'm about o buy a new desk top with £800 budget. Not sure to wait, as I believe Acer are to bring out a new range in April.
Am I correct to beleive that Acer and Dell are now the same company?
Should I believe everthing I read in that after sales for Dell are useless, or is this again just some people having nothing else to complain about?

  961 19:09 11 Feb 2010

I'd go Acer for laptops and Dell for desktops, but that's just my opinion

I've bought several Dells and on the couple of occasions I have had a problem after sales has come up trumps and solved the problem without delay

I should add that you can now contact after sales, typing in your problem via an on screen direct link and you don't need to contend with talking to someone over a poor phone line

I haven't heard they are now the same company but then I may be buying Cadbury Creme Cheese soon

  Zak 19:31 11 Feb 2010

Not heard of any merger between Acer and Dell.

Both Dell laptops and desktops are well made and reliable. I have not much experience of Acer but a colleague of mine is well pleased with her laptop.

My main reason would be that with Dell you can configure a PC within reason to your personal needs and budget.

I assume that you are quite happy buying PC online or by phone?

Also I would select online and then phone up and see if you can get a better deal to close sale.

  Boy Zone 21:08 11 Feb 2010

Yes I don't configuring the spec. Its that you read so much about what has gone wrong and never about the good points.
I'm thinking about a base unit but a Samsung monitor as my previous monitor was a Samsung and it was very good.

Now I'm faced with the choice of a Intel Core 2 quad or i7 processor. Life is never so easy when it comes to processors.

  Zak 21:36 11 Feb 2010
  Zak 21:38 11 Feb 2010
  961 09:01 12 Feb 2010

Core 2 processors are getting quite old now. You'd be better with the newer series

However, i7 is the fastest and most expensive. i5 is considerably cheaper and i3 cheaper still, depending on how fast you need your computer to be

For day to day office and web, i3 is just fine, i7 for the latest gaming and video processing

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