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  SuperCharlie 02:38 12 Jan 2005


Just a note to ask if my (hopeless) experience with Acer Customer Services is isolated or common...

At the end of Oct '04, my girlfriend and I bought an T120 through Simply computers. A couple of weeks later, it started making a funny noise- it
sounds like a resonating fan, as if the processor cooling fan has worked loose or somehting. Anyway, after some difficulty getting in touch with their wretched 0870 number (technical fault stopping them even answering!), we were promised a visit by an engineer.

Two months on, no engineer- many phone calls to Acer, all of which promise that we should be called with an appointment within a couple of days. But it never happens. I know that we get what we pay for, and I didn't really expect fantastic support for this PC if it did go wrong- but I still think that 2 months is excessive, even with their call-centre move.

We've now sent a triumvirate of letters to Customer Services, Mike Golpin (head of cust servs, I think), and the head head of UK ops. Hopefully we'll get some answers now.

Anybody else found themselves int he same boat? Anybody managed to get through to a useful human (in the UK)?


  bri-an 03:09 12 Jan 2005

I would try telling 'Simply' that the problem is theirs - as supplier.
Quote the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended).
Your contract is with Simply, not Acer, and if the goods are not fit for the purpose sold then it is up to Simply to sort matters out with Acer.
Do not be fobbed off with "It's the Manufacturer's warranty..." etc. Simply tried this with me over a faulty printer, but I threatened to take Simply to the Small Claims Court, and the item was replaced the following day!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:50 12 Jan 2005

In addition to the above info, Oct 04 is within the 6 months that new consumer protection guidelines stipulate as meaning that the problem was there when the machine was new.

  bri-an 11:44 12 Jan 2005

I hadn't noticed that timescale, DS, so I believe you have even more power to demand a comlete replacement/refund.

  DrScott 12:10 12 Jan 2005

I had a few problems with Acer when I got my laptop. My friend spilt coffee over it unknown to me, so I had to pay to get it repaired - completely fair. But, it took in the region of 2 months of them stalling... it actually took 1 month for them to even diagnose the problem as being caused by spilt liquid! Apparently there was a great backlog of work... Anyway, it took almost weekly calls to sort the problem out, and a great deal of frustration. I love the machine, but not sure I would fancy dealing with customer service again.

  SuperCharlie 15:15 12 Jan 2005

Many thanks for your responses.

When we found the problem, we did talk to Simply about it- they said that we needed to get a case ID from Acer, and then come back to them. Fair enough. Simply were just not interested in us as we tried to get this number- it took several days of calls- we were suddenly put on hold or transferred to Acer CS without warning.

When we did finally get through to Acer, they seemed very helpful, and agreed to send an engineer- this appeared to be the ideal solution- note that the computer is running, just noisily! So this on-site repair would mean that we could continue to use the computer while waiting for a repair.

I am beginning to resign myself to the fact that we need to rattle our sabres at Simply- Boo!

Thanks again

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