Acer Customer Service is great

  Maturin 18:11 14 Mar 2012

I wanted to let readers know that Acer Customer Support in UK is wonderful.

Background to this tale is a faulty Acer Iconia A500 after a corrupted ROM update. The machine is 10 months old.

Collection, repair and return within 7 days is fantastic service.

And no charges because the machine is still under warranty.

I wish all technology companies offered such marvellous support for their products.

  rickf 08:18 15 Mar 2012

Good to hear as I have the same tablet

  HondaMan 15:13 16 Mar 2012

Yes. I had to return a laptop as the keyboard was faulty. Service and attitude was excellent. A perfect example of how things should be done

  Ventad 14:11 29 Mar 2012

Yep same here back casing of Aspire one 722 unclipped and bowed, picked up last Friday delivered on to Acer Monday received back today Thursday. Well done Acer

  finerty 14:51 29 Mar 2012

I like to let you know acer arent hat great, i find their website quite confusing and unreliable

  Ventad 08:35 31 Mar 2012

finerty, I think you missed the point, we were talking about the service that we received from acer not the web site. I have just spent 15mins on the UK website and found it no problem at all, I clicked on all their clearly labled links an was passed through to each area that I wanted to go with no confusion at all. Indeed I found it good, even a link to recalls etc.

  Input Overload 14:25 02 Apr 2012

I had shied away from Acer for a while as I read some time ago the service was not good - I see I was wrong - Good to hear when things go well, brain updated.

  finerty 15:13 02 Apr 2012

sales and marketing ploy yep new it along

  Ventad 19:51 02 Apr 2012


(sales and marketing ploy yep new it along)

I know that I should not rise to the unfounded statement that you have just made but you really have not done your homework on the persons adding to this thread. Just making an off the cuff statement that you cannot substantiate.

  birdface 07:15 06 Apr 2012

Only contacted them yesterday because the grand daughters laptop crashed and she needed the restore discs..

Either £56 or £65 was quoted from them for sending a couple of discs that probably cost pennies to make.

Ok grand daughter should have downloaded the discs herself from the computer but she did not know how.

Why do they not supply them with their new Computers instead of making customers download them themselves.

  finerty 08:55 06 Apr 2012

Ventad i says what i believes.

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