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  CBT 13:07 03 Dec 2004

My three week old Acer 1681 wlmi laptop has had to be returned to Acer for repair due to a faulty optical drive that stopped playing CD's or CD-ROM's. Is this sufficient ground to reject the product under the sale of goods act? Surely it is not reasonable to expect the machine to have this fault so soon. Also, is this a matter between myself and acer, or myself and the reseller I bought the machine from? I would appreciate any advice on this matter

By the way, for anyone considering buying acer, their customer service/technical support really is very poor. You can expect to be on hold for 20 minutes before being cut off, and you have to try again and again before getting through. Took me two hours earlier this week. Steer clear!

  Diodorus Siculus 13:56 03 Dec 2004

The contract is between you and the seller of the machine.

Within 6 months, any defects found are presumed to have been there at the start so you are entitled to reject the goods; whether or not you want to go down this road is your choice.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:18 03 Dec 2004

As a further thought, now that you have agreed to send the machine back to Acer, it could be that you are too late to ask for a refund. I am not sure of the exact situation, but it seems that you have agreed to their offers of how to solve the problem.

  CBT 16:50 03 Dec 2004

Thanks for the response. Have a feeling you're right on the second point there. The reason that I agreed to return the machine for repair is that the place I bought it from is a local business and I didn't want them to be out of pocket as they said they would be. Looks like acer's screwing them over, too. In all fairness to the vendor, they have said that any further problems will mean a refund or a replacement machine. The thing is, I now don't want that machine to be an acer. Their customer service is just so bad!

  spuds 00:08 04 Dec 2004

The stumbling block now is due to the fact that you have dealt with Acer direct. By doing so, without first agreeing with the supplier, you have made the consumer advantage a little bit of a disadvantage towards yourself.If the local supplier is out of pocket, then it is their worry and not one that you should consider.Some suppliers will try to offload their responsibilities onto the customer with all types of excuses.I would go back to the supplier with this problem, and try to leave the ball in their court, so to say.

Acer have not been well praised via the forum, with their customer service procedures, and a PCA search may bring up some interesting postings.

  computernerdiamnot 01:19 04 Dec 2004

I am also a acer cutomer. i used to find them alright but i had the same probs with customer support hold on then when next in line cut of sent 2 emails no response. Regarding your local shop they are acer stockists and your with in your rights to take it back to the shop where you bought it from. The shop keeper is talking rubbish as he would then of sent it back under the sales goods act you would of been within your rights do not think about the shop owner think about your self.

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