Accounting Software ADVICE (freeware/shareware)

  Brumas 23:46 21 Jan 2006

Bit of advice for my son if anyone can help.

He is looking for a good freeware/shareware/open source business accounting software package. He has a limited company and it's first accounts are due soon and he requires a package that does the job.

Any recommendations/links to reviews or websites would be great

Thanks in advance

  spuds 11:04 22 Jan 2006

When I was in business, we use to have a freelance book-keeper who came in every three or four weeks and 'did the books'. We used Quickbooks, and you can still get the earlier versions rather cheaply. I forget what the book-keeper actually used on the final submissions, but they were acceptable to the inland revenue. I recall that the inland revenue site use to give, and perhaps still do, some guidance on this issue, perhaps worth a google search.

  spuds 16:29 22 Jan 2006

pj123-Was it not KateB!.

  spuds 17:07 22 Jan 2006

Moneybox32 click here The posting click here

  spuds 17:30 22 Jan 2006

pj123- Not 15 minutes,less than one minute, I was dealing with other things (eBay), and came back to this thread :o)

The Moneybox tutorial download, is well worth having, in addition to programme.

  Brumas 23:01 22 Jan 2006

Many Thanks I have given all the information to my son. He is very happy with all the effort everyone has gone to to find all this information out for him.


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