About special delivery need question answering pls

  Meeky217 18:42 06 Feb 2018

When u send a package special delivery do the receiver have to show ID to the post man

  alanrwood 19:26 06 Feb 2018

I don't think so. I think the parcel just needs to be delivered to the address on the parcel.

But I could be wrong.

  BRYNIT 21:55 06 Feb 2018

I've never known the postman to ask for identification but I believe when delivered like any post the person receiving the package has to be at the address they are delivering to, they cannot be outside the door as the postman/woman could be delivering to the wrong person.

  Govan1x 23:58 06 Feb 2018

Looks as if it is first class next day delivery you are covered. I suppose it depends what delivery you picked.

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  commute 10:27 11 Feb 2018

Not normally when it is received at the address to which it has been sent but if you are going to collect it from a Post Office pick up point ( where you have had a chit from the PO about an item for you to collect) you MUST go in person with appropriate Photo ID else they will not release it ( as several customers found out to their cost recently when they tried to collect items that were not addresses to them ; they were furious but it states on the card to collect in person and bring photo id with you )!!

  Forum Editor 13:05 14 Feb 2018

"...do the receiver have to show ID to the post man"

No, because it wouldn't be practical to insist on one - the chances of a named recipient being there at the exact time the delivery is made are slim at best. What you get is a copy of the signature of the person who accepted the letter or package.

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