about to order a pc from mesh

  colcol 10:31 30 Apr 2003

I am about to order a pc from mesh, the matrix 2800 + DVX at £1408.83 plus delivery. I am attracted by the 128 mb ati radeon 9700 pro AIW card and the sony dvd rewriter.

I have read thru recent threads of others' dealings and probs with mesh.

has anyone any specific advice on the best way to deal with mesh and what to do if things go wrong? I note that telephone contact with mesh tech and customer support after the sale can be a time consuming affair.

finally, is there a better supplier. most people seem to accept that mesh make good systems.

many thanks.

  -pops- 10:37 30 Apr 2003

Here is a comment I put in another thread here.

"I'm forever grateful that over thirty years ago I put my first Sinclair electronic calculator together. I've been constructing ever technologically advanced pieces of computer-type equipment ever since. Nowadays you don't even need to use a soldering iron, it all slots and screws together.

I know that not everyone is capable of doing this but, whoever thinks they may be able to, there are plenty of magazine articles and net sites that can give plenty of advice on building and recommendations/cures if anything should go awry.

Just think of being able to get rid of all the irritation, anger and frustration felt when you are dealing with these commercial concerns. OK, you may get some when you build your own but I can't imagine it being anything like the pain and suffering so frequently described by various contributors to these columns."

It seems pretty much that you could be lumbered whoever you deal with. Remember, though, that the vast majority of customers have no problems at all. It is only when things stray from the norm.


  bfoc 15:40 30 Apr 2003

Firstly, it is certainly the case that Mesh has come in for criticism here, some from me, but recently they have been posting here and hopefully resolving problems which is a plus.

Secondly, any machine produced by any company can have problems and I am not aware that Mesh has any higher problems than others.

Thirdly, do remember that what you read here is personal opinion and is not necessarily truly representative.

Those comments done what is my, totally personal view.

Well I have ordered from Mesh twice (separated by 6 years), both times influenced by the strong recommendation of satisfied Mesh customers and also by the very competitive price. Both times there were major problems with the machine and the support left much to be desired. Both machines were returned and, eventually, refunds given. I know I must just be unlucky, or Mesh would not be here still!

I have also had machines from Viglen and Dell and whilst they also had problems (Oh Hum) they were sorted out in a better manner than Mesh. I have also recommended, ordered and set up a number of Evesham machines for friends and family and they all were without problems. Naturally when I orderd my own in January there was a fairly major problem. (OK so I'm some sort of Jonah!). However I was impressed with the speed and flexibility with which Evesham got matters sorted out and left me with something I'm very pleased with.

From my own perspective I would say that Evehsam offer the better support and assistance, whilst Mesh generally offer keener prices but seem to have some difficulties resolving things if there are problems. Of course others may very well have different experiences.

If you don't want to build your own machine, but have a local computer shop, do consider them as well as they can give both good value and good service, but ask around first!

Hope you enjoy whatever you get.

  leo49 15:58 30 Apr 2003

I've a Mesh just coming up to 2 years old - it's been solid and reliable and I've no complaints. When a HDD developed problems they sent me a replacement in exchange. I'd certainly buy another if they had what I wanted.

Just a general point; there's no ideal time to buy a PC as specs and prices are constantly changing but it's always advisable to order in the second half of a month when the new editions of PC mags are published. And if you've your eyes on an Athlon-based PC, there are big price reductions on Athlon processors coming in May - The top XP3000 processor is being reduced by 40% with cuts all down the line.


  961 16:06 30 Apr 2003

Both bfoc and pops offer good advice

I've bought from Mesh before. The machine was well priced and had a good spec. It also had teething troubles which the help line could not identify. It went back twice and eventually worked properly. All this took time and was a pain, and for that reason I would not buy from Mesh again. "On site service" does not always mean what it says unless you can prove a hardware fault, which is not always easy. Software help lines are expensive, time consuming and not always satisfactory.

Evesham have a good name. I have not bought from them but, apart from a spell at the end of last year, their service was often highly rated.

If you read through click here you will get an idea as to the possibility of building your own computer. It is not difficult if you take your time and you have the advantage of 24hr on site service.

I must also say that unless you are into mega video editing I think you can buy your computer for well under £1000 and be totally satisfied with the performance

  scotty 16:20 30 Apr 2003

Check out the PC Pro Awards click here

This is a large survey with contributions from over 7000 people. It makes interesting reading.

  anchor 17:07 30 Apr 2003

Consider Evesham, after all they won the award referred to by scotty.

My own experience with Evesham has been excellent. They don`t crib about making an on-site visit.

  Pappyon 18:13 30 Apr 2003

I have a MESH machine seventeen months old.

I have whined on here in the past before about their Technical Support, but I believe it has improved.

The HDD on my machine bellied up, and was replaced in three days. When the
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro740SB (with a 3 year warranty)I got with it conked out they even supplied a box to take it away in, and I got the loan of an equivalent monitor for free while it was being repaired.

I would buy another MESH machine. I found their customer service to be tremendous, but then again my machine came from Edinburgh. This facility has been closed down unfortunately.

I think they are excellent value for money.

  Steve27 21:34 30 Apr 2003

I have had an Evesham computer for 19 months recently the CD RW went west, I phoned their support told them the symptoms and actions I had taken and suggested they send a replacement.

They insisted on an engineer calling to verify my diagnosis and fit a new one he was excellent and a credit to his firm, but how many firms will INSIST on a home visit, gives me confidence if anything major snaps.

Their replacement was a far higher spec too!

I have since taken two friends to their showroom. (Wish they had a discount scheme for introductions)

  Forum Editor 23:42 30 Apr 2003

(both pro and con) can only ever be that - personal views, based on personal experience. The other thing to remember is that although you may see a few complaints about a particular manufacturer in the forum there are many more people who have had no problems whatsoever.

  anchor 11:59 01 May 2003

Have a look at this thread:

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