About to buy a laptop - the Zoostorm 4-6634?

  mrbojangles1 21:39 08 Aug 2007

Hi everybody,

My poor old desktop PC has had it's day and is now on it's last legs. It's served me well, but it's time to move on.

I'm looking at a move to a laptop now, and I'm sure like a lot of people, am impressed by the review and specs of the Zoostorm 4-6634.

I really like to do my research when buying new kit, so would be appreciative to hear from anyone else who's tried this laptop yet?

Also, having been XP based on my desktop and hearing such bleak things about Vista, I'm put off by the fact that Vista is pre-installed. I've done my reading up about how to uninstall Vista so I can revert to XP, but would anybody offer an opinion on this idea?

Thanks everybody,


  SteveWH 22:47 08 Aug 2007

Can't comment on the laptop but Vista is well worth giving a go. I had it pre-installed on my new PC and it has never missed a beat.

Its a pleasure to use though as with every setup there will be things you like and things you don't. I would never go back to XP.

  Devil Fish 23:03 08 Aug 2007

i cant see a point in going back to xp unless the lappy is underpowered for vista as several budget ones are
but yours seems a reasonable spec

going back in itself wouldn't be to difficult though you would have to bear in mind it may have implications with the warranty if you did this

  jimmybond 00:50 09 Aug 2007

1) Do a search on this forum on 'pcnextday' before buying, and make sure the dazzling technical reviews don't distract from other important issues - e.g. after sales customer service.

2) bleak things about vista? these are just from the type of people who like to knock something new, "I'm not following the crowd, I'm different, I'm cool - I'll uninstall vista and put XP back, so there!". Then they end up re-installing it 6 months later, when nobody is looking :-)

  mrbojangles1 17:29 09 Aug 2007

Thank you for your comments and the heads up about PCnextday. Whatever I do, they've certainly lost a sale. Terrible to read all the posts about their dreadful after care.

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