AA rechargeables and chargers.

  dagnammit 22:07 22 Dec 2008

What brand do you use?

Which type/size/model are best?

I like Uniross but am tempted by Energizer and Encore (good prices) - I have read that Encore are made by Uniross, are they?

I'm scared of buying cheap ones because they might a. be faked and b. explode or leak.

  oresome 22:24 22 Dec 2008

I use Energizer 2000mAh now. I started with Jessops own brand in the camera, but they failed within a couple of years or so and less than 30 charges.

The Energisers are still going strong after a similar period.

  ICF 07:56 23 Dec 2008

I use these from 7 day shop and one of their own chargers click here

  canarieslover 09:14 23 Dec 2008

I've found that no matter what batteries/charger you use, if you don't use them often enough the batteries die anyway. I have now reverted to using Duracell as the life of them is very good and I can get a pack of four from my local market for only £2. I find that I only get through approximately 28 batteries a year so rechargeables work out a very expensive option for me. Calculate your usage first as rechargeables need to be regularly charged and discharged to give their best and most economical performance.

  gibfish26 14:38 23 Dec 2008

i started using rechargeables about 2 years ago which are uniross AA,2300,2500,2700.AAA,700,900,i have had only one go dead,i use them in my wireless keyboard and mouse,i think they are great,i save a lot over standard batteries,on the gadget show last week uniross 2700 where voted no 1 in their test's,

  Diemmess 17:34 23 Dec 2008

As ICF's link
Do give this site some serious thought.

The 2600 m.a.h NiMh in AA were the largest capacity at 7day shop when I last bought some which are still working fine after more than two years.

I too like their 8 station charger each monitored as the battery charges.

You haven't actually said which size you need and everyone including me, assumes AA?

Explosions are very rare but not always confined to dubious "bargains", I wouldn't let it worry you.
Leakages only occur when a battery is left in a discharged or faulty state for ages.
certainly not as quickly as the old zinc carbon batteries of my distant youth.

  Stuartli 19:29 23 Dec 2008

My wife goes through rechargeable batteries as though there was no tomorrow with her portable radio, so most of mine get recharged every two or three days as I use them in a digital camera, optical mouse etc.

I bought two packs of eight Fameart 2300mAh rechargeables about three years ago from 7DayShop (I already had one of the manufacturer's fast battery chargers) and all 16 of the batteries are still going strong.

  GaT7 01:41 24 Dec 2008

What brand do you use?
Various Ni-MH rechargeables, but only a Uniross Sprint 15 charger.

Which type/size/model are best?
Not sure about the best charger, but Eneloop (or Eneloop-type) rechargeable batteries are among the best one can buy click here / click here. They may be costlier than standard Ni-Mh rechargeables, but are quite a bit superior. Don't worry about the seemingly 'lowly' 2000mAh capacity quoted on these - they're still better than '2800mAh quoted' batteries of most, if not all, other manufacturers.

canarieslover - "I've found that no matter what batteries/charger you use..." - I'm sure you haven't used Eneloop/equivalent rechargeables. G

  dagnammit 01:55 24 Dec 2008

I just bought an Energizer Compact Charger with 4x 2000mAh AA's for £7.99. They'll do the wife's xbox360 controllers.

I still need new ones for the cameras and I am contemplating this one click here but it's out of stock/

  GaT7 02:06 24 Dec 2008

"I still need new ones for the cameras and I am contemplating this one click here but it's out of stock/"

Same Uniross U0148603 £16.99 at click here (choose the Jersey delivery).

Eneloop no good then? G

  dagnammit 02:29 24 Dec 2008

The price is a bit too high on the Eneloop ones and I'd never heard of them until you posted.

Won't be placing an order for ones for the camera til after Christmas.

Has anyone ever suffered leakages and damage to devices caused by rechargeables?

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