8.5 Gig blank DVDs (Cheapest place)

  Portal11 11:29 24 May 2011

Hiya guys does anyone know where i can find a cheap place for buying a cake of around 25/50+ please? i have seen the amazon's own brand BUT they have terrible reviews regarding Coasting! i would rather stick with a known brand but would be willing to take a chance..


  Terry Brown 12:32 24 May 2011

The problem with a 8.5gb DVD is that the drive and the disk must be absolutly perfect because the data is highly compressed.

Whichever one you choose I would suggest the following, make sure the DVD is 100% clean, use a solution like Isopropyl to wipe the disk and allow to dry. Burn at the lowest possible speed, Do not run any other program while these are burning.


  Portal11 15:55 24 May 2011

Terry thanks for the advice! my dvd Burners are new, i just bought two Sony ones two months ago, thanks

  JoeC 17:28 24 May 2011

I usually get a tub of 25 Verbatim ones here


I've never had a coaster yet with these. I only burn at 4x even though they are rated at 8.

  JoeC 17:40 24 May 2011

This article gives some good information about discs especially a little down the page.

link text

  Portal11 20:22 24 May 2011

JoeC thanks for the explanation! that link was pretty good eh!

The best deal ive found is this!

50 disc cake for £13

link text

  Portal11 20:27 24 May 2011

Just looked at reviews on my last link above from Eclipse computers! they got absolutely slated to death for aftersales customer services so try this one its better

link text

  hastelloy 08:38 25 May 2011

I stick with Verbatim as JoeC said - I've never had a problem with them. Slightly cheaper at Amazon

  Terry Brown 07:26 27 May 2011

Just out of courisity, I tried a small experiment.

If you create an image of the video file to your hard drive, then use that image to burn to a DVD, you use less resourses and get a better quality burn.

You can view the image using a program like Virtual clone drive to 'Read' the image before burning, to be sure it is what you want (and save the cost of a 'Coaster'


  hastelloy 09:03 27 May 2011

Terry Brown I hadn't looked at quality comparison, but I use Adobe Premiere Elements for video editing but only burn to HDD with it, I then use Imnburn to burn the DVD. I then always have a "burn ready" file on my PC should I ever need it and the process takes less time.

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