7dayshop.com order problem

  BLUELEN 20:22 22 Jul 2004

I note from the Pixmania thread that "wags" said he had used 7dayshop.com with no problems . I wonder if he or anybody else could advise me as on the 11/7/04 I ordered a digital camera but I'm having problems getting it processed. They initialy sent me an email stating that there was a problem with the payment and to update my details. I have done but to date despite further requests to them my order status still shows payment required. I have asked for further information and whether I should cancel the order and start again but have heard nothing. Email appears the only means of contact and there are no links on the order page so has anyone any advice on what I should do?

I have used 7dayshop for 2-3 years now without any problems.

I have a phone number from an invoice for enquiries you could try, 01481 257259.


  BLUELEN 21:23 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for phone number. I'll give it a go if I've had no response in the next couple of days.

  spuds 23:51 22 Jul 2004

Whatever you do, I would suggest that you do not cancel then re-order, otherwise you may find that two deliveries and two payment deductions will head your way. Get in touch with 7day shop, and get the first order sorted out first.

I have used 7day shop a few times, and I have found that some deliveries can be a little slow at times, otherwise I would rate them as an above average company.

  wags 14:46 23 Jul 2004

As CoB and spuds have suggested give 7 Day Shop a call.

I have placed (and received) many orders, usually for printer inks and small, relatively low value, items and have never had a problem, although I must admit delivery is quite slow.

  €dstowe 15:55 23 Jul 2004

Remember that although this company use utra-tech ordering, their delivery is primitive to keep costs down.

They use the postal service which in turn uses the boat between Guernesey and England. The boat itself is not the problem but using two different postal companies may be.

  Lettervanman 16:18 23 Jul 2004

Orders do take about a week to Arrive.
Also customs are taking note and are charging VAT
via the postal service.
I sent a small order approx £50 and three days later It would have cost me £8 less.
7 Day Shops reaction was "our prices do vary"
So watch out.

  anchor 09:25 24 Jul 2004

As Lettervanman said, the UK customs are taking notice, and may charge VAT. I say "may" because it seems very hit and miss.

I read on other forums that many recent buyers have escaped customs payment.

As regards your order, a phone call should resolve any problem.

  BLUELEN 23:52 24 Jul 2004

Have tried the phone number given by CoB but it is just an automated message saying they only converse through email. This is totally frustrating as they don't reply to my emails so I can't seem tp either process or cancel the order. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

I've found another phone number for Telesales, maybe this will be better, 01481 257336.


  ewtie 16:14 25 Jul 2004

I have used them for a few years and find them totally satisfactory.
Price comparisions show them to be very competetive.
Postage-on the net- £1.95 and sometimes free.
I can wait a few days at that price.
I am sure they will resolve your problem.
It seems that these days if something goes right -OK. Should it go wrong - big problems. There seems to be a general lack of ability these days to be able to resolve problems quickly. Common sense no longer seems to exists.
Get mad from the word go is my solution.:-)

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