7dayshop - do the warranty cameras etc

  colcol 18:55 27 Oct 2004

I have finally received my Olympus c5060 camera from 7dayshop. there was no guarrantee/warranty card in the box. I have emailed 7dayshop twice asking for the length of their warranty but they have not replied although they have replied to other queries.

does anyone know whether they do provide warranties? Since the are in guernsey do they need to provide warranties to customers in england?

  spuds 22:44 27 Oct 2004

It should have the standard Olympus warranty, unless it is a grey import.7Day usually work with the UK consumer laws,like 7 day returns as per the distance selling act, so I would image they would also cover the item under the 12 month Sale of Goods ruling.They also work their system around the UK Vat laws.But to be on the safe side, best to check with Olympus about the warranty.

  colcol 14:51 09 Nov 2004

I am not sure the the sale of goods act applies to guernsey.

I eventually got an email from 7dayshop saying that the warranty on my olympus camera was one year. I then asked for a warranty card which they said would be posted to me.

Yesterday, after waiting over 10 days for this warranty card, I again emailed 7dayshop who said they would put the card in the post.

I am trying not to think cynical thoughts about 7dayshop and their warranties but it is difficult.

  anchor 17:10 09 Nov 2004
  oresome 19:11 09 Nov 2004

Why do want a warranty card? Just retain proof of purchase in case the camera has to be returned to 7Day. Obviously they don't repair the cameras themselves, so you should expect a lengthy delay if the worst happens. One of the downsides of not using a retail shop I'm afraid.

  colcol 09:08 10 Nov 2004

I think you have countered your own point. the need for a warranty card is the advantage in going directly to the manufacturer's agent for repairs rather than through the retailer. this is especially relevant should the retailer not be bound by the sale of goods act or similar legislation.

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