7600gt 256 vs 7600gs 512mb

  red dragon 12:13 06 May 2007

I am looking to upgrade my AGP card.

I am looking at the X1950 the 7600gt and the 7600gs.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction.

I am confused because of the difference in the on board ram.

Does it make that much of a difference.

Are there any other cards I should be considering?

Thanks in advance
Red Dragon

  gudgulf 12:22 06 May 2007

If your psu is up to it then the X1950pro is the best card.

It is a lot faster than either of the others.

The 7600GT is next and in last place the 7600GS.

The onboard RAM is used to store texture information and frame cache (as one frame is displayed the next is rendered into cache ready to be displayed).Very few games at the moment need more than 256MB of onboard memory to do that.

Notable games that do are F.E.A.R.,S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the DOOM3 engined games.

If you go for the 7600 series of cards then the GT with its higher clock speeds will give the best results in terms of frames per second.

  wjrt 12:23 06 May 2007
  Totally-braindead 12:29 06 May 2007

gudgulf has summed it up for me, the cards you listed would be in that order the X1950 is the best the 7600GT is next and the 7600GS is last even though it has more memory it would not outperform either of the other cards.

You don't mention what you have already or the rating of your power supply. All these cards need extra power and if the power supply you have is not particularly great it might well need replaced with a decent branded one.

Something to bear in mind before purchase.

  citadel 18:10 06 May 2007

there are the xfx7900gs agp and xfx7950gs agp. the rest of your pc specs are needed to decide which is best.

  Armchair 18:14 06 May 2007

The best AGP card is currently the X1950 XT, made by GeCube

click here

Dunno where you'll find one on sale, though.

Otherwise, yeah, the X1950 Pro is the best. It's worth getting if your CPU and RAM aren't too ancient

click here

If your CPU is old, then I'd just go for the cheapest 7600 GT (or ATI X1650 XT, they're about matched) you can find. Forget the 7600 GS, no matter how much slow VRAM it has.

There is another alternative, priced between the 7600GT and X1950 Pro. The X1950 GT

click here

which is only slightly worse than the X1950 Pro.

Personally, I would plump for the HIS X1950 Pro silent card

click here

although at £126 delivered, it might be beyond your budget.

As already posted, make sure your power supply is up to scratch!

  Armchair 18:16 06 May 2007

Ooh, I didn't know there was an AGP 7950 GS! I knew about the 7900 GS. New AGP cards popping up all over the place!

  red dragon 18:21 06 May 2007


took your advise and got an X1950 512mb for £124.

Many thanks
Red Dragon

Anyone wanna buy an ATI X850 Pro?

  Armchair 18:26 06 May 2007

You already have an X850 Pro? I would never have recommended the 7600 GT if I'd known that! It wouldn't have been much of an upgrade.

Btw, where are they selling 512MB X1950 Pros for £124? Is it the Sapphire card or the HIS one?

  Armchair 19:22 06 May 2007

I see that Ebuyer actually have the AGP X1950 XT in stock now

click here

That's the best card, no matter that it has 256MB RAM, rather than 512.

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