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6gb of triple channel ddr3 memory for £60

  Bailey08787 19:40 31 Aug 2009


I've read in a lot of review magazines over the past few weeks that 6gb of triple channel ddr3 memory (for an i7 mobo) can be had for £60 nowadays.

Anyone know of a retailer that is selling these packs?

  Bailey08787 12:21 13 Sep 2009

ok, I have found a fanmate controller - but how do I know which pins to connect to?

  I am Spartacus 14:50 13 Sep 2009

Unfortunately that's the problem I had. I think I assumed that the red wire was the power and got it wrong followed by a pffft and a small puff of smoke. That was on a different card from a different manufacturer though. Is there any markings on the card next to the fan connection that give a clue?

  Bailey08787 17:38 15 Sep 2009

Apologies for delay in reply. No, no markings I'm afraid.

I guess it would be a bit of a leap of faith to assume that the red wire on the fan would match up with the red wire on the fanmate?

I'm really surprised that I have to do this to slow the fan.

I really thought that as the fan is plugged into the graphics card, and that is plugged into the mobo, that I'd be able to control the fan-speed through the bios.

I thought the ATI Catalyst Control Center would be my saviour, but that seems unable to have any effect on the fan speed either (even though this is an option). There really is no need for it to be banging away at 100% all the time.

I've tried stopping it temporarily with my finger, and the rest of the components are practically silent - so its a real spoiler at the moment.

  I am Spartacus 18:43 15 Sep 2009

From the review at click here

'...We think it’s because the Zalman fan runs at the same speed at all times, regardless of load...'

Because it's overclocked as standard I guess that's why it runs at full speed. Also there are no RAMsinks fitted so the VRAMs will rely on the fan cooling them.

  I am Spartacus 12:28 16 Sep 2009

I forgot to add that it you fit a good quality 120mm fan and run it at slow speed it will still provide enough airflow to cool the VRAM and VRMs. You can also fit RAMsinks if you want to be sure. The Enzotech copper ones are good if expensive click here

  Bailey08787 21:36 23 Sep 2009

I sold the Gigabyte card on ebay for £136 (a pound less than I paid for).

Today I've installed a Sapphire 4890 w Vapor-X cooling and the difference in noise is deafening.

The hurricane has been replaced by a barely audible ambient heavyweight.

The Sapphire did cost me more (£153 from Scan), but the extra £16 is more than worth it for quiet operation.

Would recommend it over the Gigabyte a hundred times over.

I now have a very powerful, very quiet system - so I'm a happy chappy

Thanks for your input all.

  I am Spartacus 11:28 24 Sep 2009

I'm glad you got there in the end.

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