5mpixel camera with optical zoom £135

  rickf 21:06 08 Jan 2004
  GibsonSt19 09:20 09 Jan 2004

Already have a decent camera, but thanks for posting. It's ALWAYS useful to know where to pick up the bargains!

  Stuartli 09:22 09 Jan 2004

The 5MP will be created by software interpolation.

Even cheaper (under £100) 3MP plus and 4MP Trust cameras at:

click here

Most of them only have digital zoom - in the past Trust has rebadged cameras produced by the Minton Optic Company based in Taiwan:

click here

Some of the Trust cameras shown in the first link are very similar in styling to the latest Minton models.

Ironically, previous Trust versions of Minton models have usually been more expensive than the originals, but Minton versions have been difficult to find on sale in the UK.

  rickf 09:35 09 Jan 2004

Good to get replies to the thread. The one I am referng to has 3x optical zoom and 4x digital as well which is impressive for the price. I have a Fuji now for a long time, one of the first ones, only 1.3m pixels with 3x optical and takes v. good photos. Just thinking about upgrading to something more sophisticated even though not a photographic afficionado. The Trust can also be used as a webcam which is an added feature.

  rickf 09:41 09 Jan 2004

Stuartli, The one One I am interested in is £169.61 on your link. Its the 910z powercam. Its £35 cheaper with Star Computers. What do you think? Would also appreciate any experience with Trust Cameras from anyone. Thanks.

  Stuartli 09:51 09 Jan 2004

I wasn't referring to the particular model you mention, only those under £100 - you can probably get these even cheaper as well elsewhere if you do a search.

The starcomputers link at £135 also has to have p and p of £8 added and adds states that VAT will be added on a later page, although this is a bit ambiguous as it states the £135 is net and the home page states prices include VAT.

The website also states that its pricelist download is updated every Monday/Tuesday, yet is dated December 1st...:-)

Even so for anyone looking for a starter camera it seems a reasonable buy.

  Stuartli 10:01 09 Jan 2004

The 910 is listed here at £127.06 and includes VAT:

click here

  rickf 11:58 09 Jan 2004

Thanks Stuartli. Will close now.

  woody147 12:04 09 Jan 2004

why pay £135 (+£8 delivery) for a 3Mp Trust camera when you can get the excellent 3Mp Canon Ixus II from amazon for only £180 (free delivery). Ok so the canon only has 2x zoom compared to the trust cameras 3x, but it doesn't take a genious to work out which one will be built to a higher quality/have better optics etc...

  Stuartli 13:37 09 Jan 2004

My mate got his Minolta E223 this week - it's a later version of my own E203.

It's a 2MP model with 3x zoom and 4x digital zoom, audio with video, a long catalogue of features, takes excellent pix and cost just under £118 including VAT.

Mine was £199.99 two years ago and that was after a lot of research - the stated retail price was £349.99.

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