Is the 5850 worth the extra £100 over the 5770?

  07patty 20:00 03 May 2010

Just wondering if i will see any noticeable benefits from paying an extra £100 for this 5850? I'll be playing games like 'Just Cause 2', 'Crysis' and 'Burnout Paradise' at 1920 x 1080. At the moment i can't see any reason for paying more for that card unless anybody can convince me! thanks.

  ronalddonald 22:15 03 May 2010

which computer are u talking about if cut and paste the website here we can click on it and have a look at what your talking about for example click here

www filehippo dot come without the spaces

  AL47 22:33 03 May 2010

i have the 5850.. but it is alot extra to pay, indeed the top range 4 series 4870 perfoms better than the 5770 and is probably a better bet than the 5770 [unless you want eyefinity or dx11 for new games]

out of those 3 cards on disregarding money id go 5850>4870>5770

with the 5850 i can play crysis at 1920x1200 at high settings, i doubt you can at high with the 5770..

are you building a PC? its worth compromising the CPU for the 5850, it really is the best money:performance ratio.

this links good...........
click here

a 5850 can match 2x 5770s, and alot of cards beat it, draw youre own conclusions..

  citadel 08:09 04 May 2010

always go for the best card you can get as settling for something else leads to disapointment in the end.

  yellowbird 11:20 04 May 2010

If you have to extra £100 avaliable then i would get the 5850. I agree with citadel, you will only be disapointed if you dont buy the card.

  wee eddie 11:25 04 May 2010

the price will come down to meet you!

  Colin 13:04 04 May 2010

The 5770 is 128 bit whilst the 5850 is 256 bit. The difference in performance is worth the extra £100. (In my humble opinion)!

  donki 10:12 06 May 2010

I have the 4870 and I can play Crysis, Burnout, CODMW2 and Bioshock 2 all full settings at your resolution and I picked mine up for £110 before Christmas. If money is an issue I would get the best CPU and RAM you can now then upgrade to a better GPU later. If its not an issue go for the beast that is the 5850 you wont need to worry about a GFX card for a while.

  donki 10:15 06 May 2010

Oh would be handy knowing what your CPU and RAM atm was, unless its a relatively high spec you wont see the benifits of such a highly powered card. Also worth checking your PSU.

  07patty 15:24 06 Jun 2010

CPU will be the AMD 1055T (so 6cores.)
RAM will be 4GB Corsair. PSU is going to be 600Watts. :)

  AL47 21:47 07 Jun 2010

i cannot even play crysis at full settings at 1920x1200 with the 5850

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