54k dialup getting you down?

  TOPCAT® 20:28 14 Jan 2003
  TOPCAT® 20:28 14 Jan 2003

Then the "XWEBS" browser could be right up your street, begorrah! TC Murphy. :)

Internet browser that quadruples surf speed wins Irish science prize.

A computer browser that is said to least quadruple surfing speeds on the Internet has won the top prize at an Irish exhibition for young scientists, it was announced on Saturday.

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  TOPCAT® 20:35 14 Jan 2003

... me old bucko's. Should have been 56k of course!

We will have to watch the progress of this new browser as it seems to be a winner. TC.

  darksky 22:57 14 Jan 2003

Are you REAL !!!!

  DieSse 23:23 14 Jan 2003

Microsoft will probably buy it - that should slow it down a bit!

  Gaz 25 23:45 14 Jan 2003

Could contain spyware?

Only a thought as that Hotbar thingi that I downloaded was full of spyware yet such good software!!

  Thin White Duke 23:59 14 Jan 2003

Ha ha ha ha, April 1st already?

  tbh72 02:18 15 Jan 2003

Where can we get it from, To see is to believe as the old saying goes.....

  powerless 05:56 15 Jan 2003
  cherria 09:35 15 Jan 2003

If the browser were smart it could make the surf speed quicker. When you load a page, most people take some time to read the content. In that connection idle time, the browser could look at the links on the page and download the pages that these referred to and cache them so that when you clicked a link it has already been downloaded so displays instantly. If the browser did this to a few levels it could make the surf speed much quicker. It cannot however speed up download of files or streaming media as that relies on raw connection speed.

This would of course only work if you followed a series of links. If your surfing consists of typing a set of unrelated URLs into the address bar the browser would be the same speed as every other one.

I often wondered why Netscape or IE didn't do this as standard. I guess its because you then lose control over what pages are read and cached on your machine and a lot of people wouldn't like that.

  cherria 09:37 15 Jan 2003

It would also kill most ISPs as they rely on your idle time so they can serve as many people as they do if all their customers were utilising pretty much 100% of their connection time everybody would have appauling responses.

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