50 Gmail invites available

  Zak 21:54 03 Feb 2005

Yes, I could not believe at first but that is true.

I have 50 to give away. If you would like a Gmail invite please email me via the yellow envelope.

Please provide your first name, surname and e-mail address. I will then e-mail the invite to that e-mail address.

Please also confirm in this thread that you have requested an invite.

For any new forum members: Please do not post your e-mail address in this or other threads.

Thank you.

mmmmmmmmm ....... 50 to give away!!!!!!!! Will I manage this?

  only me 10:55 05 Feb 2005

HI Zak to confirm please send me Gmail don

  Zak 11:07 05 Feb 2005

Invite on its way.

49 to go..........

  taffyal 16:32 05 Feb 2005

Hi Zac. To confirm my email, Cheers, Al.

  Zak 17:09 05 Feb 2005

Invite on its way.

48 to go..........

  lixdexik 17:27 05 Feb 2005

I seem to have missed somthing somewhere. what is this Gmail thing.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:20 05 Feb 2005

Going like hot cakes.


  Jackcoms 19:05 05 Feb 2005

"this Gmail thing" is a web-based e-mail service, similar to Hotmail, which is run by Google. click here

  lixdexik 19:25 05 Feb 2005

Looks good, but I think it does a lot more than I need at the moment.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  1911 19:36 05 Feb 2005

Any body wants one i've got 49 left. As soon as you get gmail you ge 50

  only me 10:19 06 Feb 2005

thanks Zak iwill look for it cheers! Don

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