400Mhz DDR with Athlon XP?

  tomcrick 07:43 28 Aug 2003


I just noticed that Mesh offer 400Mhz PC3200 DDR as an upgrade on their Matrix A series PCs.

Is this a worthwhile upgrade from 333Mhz? Can the Athlon processors actually use the extra bandwidth*? (*not sure if that is the right termanology)



  The Sack 11:57 28 Aug 2003

If the Athlon is a 400MHz FSB (XP3200+) then yes as it keeps the RAM in sync with the processor but if it is a 333MHz FSB Athlon then no, stick with PC2700. An Athlon on a 333FSB can only use 2.7GB/s so there is no point using 400MHz RAM thats delivering 3.2GB/s as it isnt going to get used.

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