3d ,would you go 3d

  iqs 14:53 30 Apr 2012

Hi, I bought a 3d LED tv last week,not because it was 3d,mainly due to the fact tht my old LCD was nearly 5 years. It's a Samsung ,and was voted product of the year 2011 by what hifi and video (another reason).

I don't have a 3d blu ray player,I'm still waiting for a 3d update or my Sony ,but was looking at possibly buying a 3d ready blu ray.

My questions are,is 3d worth the extra investment ,new blu ray and of course the glasses. Also which is better passive or active 3d glasses.the Samsung uses active glasses. From quick google of active glasses,they are more likely to cause possible health issues compared to passive.

Your thoughts please


  interzone55 16:50 30 Apr 2012

It strikes me that you're asking these questions far too late, as you've already bought the TV.

For what it's worth I really can't see the point of 3D TV, you really need a huge screen to get the effect, so it's fine in the cinema, but not at home.

I also think it's a bit of a 9-day wonder, and will be swept aside when the new fad arrives, which will be 4K TVs, followed shortly thereafter by 8K


  interzone55 16:51 30 Apr 2012

The link doesn't work try this instead

  john bunyan 17:08 30 Apr 2012

I looked into this recently, but have not yet bought a TV. My front runner is LG as the bezels are getting smaller and it uses passive 3D. I am told that passive is a bit more restful than active, and the extra glasses are cheaper. I will not watch much 3D but it seems one may as well have it now the premium has reduced. I do agree with alan14 though, but one can wait for ever if you try to have the latest technology.

  iqs 22:11 30 Apr 2012

Hi and thanks for the help.

3d was a bonus when I purchased this tv,i was not looking for a tv capable of showing 3d.to be honest I'm not a fan of 3d,I would sooner watch a film in 2d,but some films like avatar did impress me. I watched the avengers in 3d,would of sooner seen it in 2d with a better clearer picture,but never mind .

I also read that passive glasses were better for you ,less headaches .

I think I'll wait a few months and then review my decision to go 3d.

Thanks again

  sunnystaines 10:26 01 May 2012

A big NO from me tried in several stores cannot see a sharp picture I also suffer headache problems another reason to avoid.

  BRYNIT 21:04 01 May 2012

At the moment the answer is NO. I don't watch much TV and by the time I'm ready to buy a new TV I think they will nearly all have 3D as standard.

  Tigertops 11:06 03 May 2012

Headaches usually result from folks not gradually building up their usage. Some people are not affected at all. The 3D DVDs vary greatly in quality but something like 'Legends of Flight' will convince you that when 3D is good it is very good and well worth having.

I built myself a couple of PC based 3D active glasses systems over the past 12 months as I also use the technique for flight sim. Never had any eye problems -and I wear glasses- and no headaches as I adjusted gradually

Technology is probably going to bring us 3D TV which will not require glasses and the first prototypes are already being displayed. However if you don't want to wait 5 years go for a 3D DVD player now and enjoy.

  iqs 15:14 05 May 2012

Thanks for the comments

  Chegs ®™ 18:05 05 Jun 2012

I nearly bought a 3d TV to replace my LG plasma,but as I rarely watch a film(and for that,not much TV either)I decided to do a little research on 3d first.My Freesat box does not have any 3d channels and from what I've read online,nor will freesat ever carry 3d TV.I don't possess a standalone blu-ray player,though my desktop & laptops both have blu-ray players and I could simply connect the laptop to a 3d TV if I wished to view blu-ray films(doubt that the laptops blu-ray player would show 3d anyway)

  Terry Brown 16:31 10 Jun 2012

I would not have a 3D TV for the simple reason that I only have one eye (industrial accident) and the fact that you need to sitting 'Square' in front of the TV to get a clear (non-distorted ) veiw.

I have also heard that if you have colour vision problems (colour blindness) this can also cause you problems.

If you have a family or prefer to sit off centre to the TV, this may be a problem.

Sorry to be negative.


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