3D television

  mole44 12:44 27 Jul 2010

I`ve just seen a demo of 3D television in comet`s i was blown away by how good it was,i`m not usually impressed this was something else.I can take or leave HD but as i say this was impressive.Mind you the cost of the set and glasses was way above my budget,still we can dream can`t we.right now to share my bowl of gruel with my other half.

  iqs 17:51 27 Jul 2010

I'm not a fan of 3D,I will admit that avatar was impressive.

I dont think I will invest in a 3D TV and glasses and more importantly a Blu Ray player that supports 3D.

If 3D is the way forward then fine,but I hope that we still have the option to choose either to view a film or TV program in 2D or 3D.

  Arnie 18:05 27 Jul 2010

Today my grandson and I visited our local PC World and saw a large screen Samsung 3D receiver displaying a 3D picture. It was seen as a dual offset picture.

A salesmen asked us if we were interested. I said we would certainly like to see a demonstration, to which he replied, "hold on I'll bring a couple of pairs of glasses".

Like you mole44, we were absolutely stunned by the quality and realism of the picture.
One of the shots was of a mini waterfall, it looked amazing, far better than the effort I saw in the fifties with a pair of cardboard and plastic glasses.

All you oldies will no doubt remember the chap with the ping-pong ball in a demo before the 'A' film.
I think the main film was called The House of Wax.

  morddwyd 09:08 28 Jul 2010

I still think I'll wait until full holographic reproduction is available (probably hot in my lifetime!) as per Star Trek and other sci fi.

That way I can walk over to the sideboard and get a drink, from behind the receiver, and still see what's going on.

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