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33 Pence cheque from British Gas.

  Govan1x 13:22 24 Apr 2019

Had a cheque arrive from British gas for 33 pence.

And just as i thought what a waste of money. In popped another gas bill this morning for the total sum of 1p.

So a 33p refund one day and a 1p bill the next.

The staff at the post office could not believe that B/Gas would be crazy enough to send someone out a bill for one pence..Asked if he could take a photo of it to send to his boos which I agreed to.

Now to be fair with B/Gas I have moved house recently so they were probably getting things in order which they would be obliged to do.

  hastelloy 17:20 24 Apr 2019

I have 2 cheques which the bank sent to me a week or so apart when I closed the account. Each cheque is for 1p.

  BT 17:32 24 Apr 2019

I've had cheques from Santander on several occasions in the past for penny amounts when there has been a surplus when my dividends have been reinvested. I think they have a different system now as it hasn't happened recently.

  wee eddie 18:12 24 Apr 2019

As my bank charge me 60p for every Cheque Credited, that would cause me a net loss.

  Pine Man 18:46 24 Apr 2019

Two identical cheques for 28p from my insurers one day apart followed by a 44p refund from them to my credit card. No explanation whatsoever!

Still I'm £1 better off than I was - yes, I did pay the cheques in!!

  BT 08:37 25 Apr 2019

As my bank charge me 60p for every Cheque Credited

Presumably a Business account. I've never charged to pay in cheques.

  [email protected] 06:31 30 Apr 2019

Two indistinguishable checks for from my safety net providers one day separated pursued by a 44p discount from them to my Mastercard. No clarification at all!

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