3 Three the Mobile Phone network advice please

  Killo Bite 14:22 10 Oct 2007

Just started a £20 talker contract pay monthly around 12 days ago. Problem is very poor network coverage in the town where I live I have been to the north 4 miles away from my home and still poor standing outside in a not too built up area, my house is about 850ft above sea level and is the highest point in the area.

I have called a number of times as I am unable to use the phone 80% and only get about 20% usage.

I today was informed from their tech support number staff they say there is no problem with coverage where I live going of my postacode and even the other persons part of town.

I was told from the tech support I could return the phone & cancel the 18 month contract as I have hardly used it and also because of poor coverage.

Ok, so first Tech support cancel my Simm, thought going well no hassle. Called their Web sales canx dept who would not except the phone back as I have used it and this was a 14 day money back guarente supplied when the phone arrived.

Note this was not made clear at time of purchase and also how do you decide if the phone is sutable and ok if you have to use it before hand.

I have now stressed as they have canx/blocked my simm (not sure if blocked or totally off) but not even emergency calls so its def off now.

Ok, The cust service admit the tech have no aurthority to make this decision to cancel. But they just say write a letter etc.

As far as I go, my phone is now dead, even if working which is only when the network decides for me from hanging out side a upstairs window risking fall out or going to stand near a transmitter its poor they are unable to offer a soloutuion which will give me a service.

I have canx my direct debit so they carn't take my money also as I was told they have also in the tech dept something they are not allowed to do. Think they got their procedure and poor training messed up and the rest.

I am now left waiting for contact back on landline to conclude the problem. As far as I am concerned they have terminated me by pulling my simm off.

Am I in the right, if they are unable to provide me with a service I should have the right to end the contract with very little or no penalty.

I have now asked other people since I got my phone and all have said this area is poor on three and they changed to other networks. Before buying this from 3 I perosnally checked coverage and it showed to be ok.

I have also tested phone to be fine, only thing is some locally transmitter station which is used for the Emergency service & wonder if this could effect my recpetion.

Any advice would be greatfully appreciated.

  spuds 15:58 10 Oct 2007
  Killo Bite 19:14 10 Oct 2007

after lengthy conversation after posting I am now waiting for outcome for a canx of my contract.

Their tech support aurthorised verbally it was done when the contract wasnt but pulled the plug. Will no more later End of week. As long as they call or contact me.

  Killo Bite 23:36 14 Oct 2007

with only a £20 penalty for time used but this was no where near the actual £20 so they will only get what is due.

  Killo Bite 23:38 14 Oct 2007

monthly contract from 3 click here is to find a friend or someone who is alos on 3 and ask them about the reception in the area you leave especially and even better if using your mobile mainly from home to make a second number then see if they can try it out at your home.

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