3 Issues of PCA for £2 ...........is it a scam?

  User-61B5AF01-13BA-4774-AC94294A4C56C799 21:39 13 Jul 2004

Yesterday I recieved an unsolicted call from some guy allegedly from PCA offering 3 issues for £2 and also supposedly 3 issues of Pc Pro for the same amount claiming pc pro is PCA's sister mag, somehow it did not seem right also he quoted the cover price of the mags wrong. Is this a scam anyone else had these calls .I used to subscribe to PCA so it could have been genuine

  Djohn 23:27 13 Jul 2004

PCA don't make unsolicited calls, you must have agreed to be contacted by phone or email when you first signed up, I know I did. If you have or as you say, you used to subscribe then it will have been a genuine offer as they do these offers now and then. j.

  spuds 23:43 13 Jul 2004

PC Advisor is owned by IDG,and PC Pro is owned by Dennis Publishing.

The 3x£2.00 offer may well be correct, as these sort of offers are always being made by various magazine companies.I get the 'flyers' for these offers on a regular basis. It makes you wonder sometimes, if it is wise to stay loyal and subscribe to a particular magazine, with all the special offers and free gifts floating about.

Did the person who contacted you, mention their company address etc. If it was a place in Market Harborough-Leicestershire, then this company acts for many magazines, and they are quite legit.A word of warning though,watch who you give your c/c or d/d details to, especially on a cold call basis..

  Forum Editor 23:49 13 Jul 2004

is part of the IDG group, which publishes 300 different magazines throughout the world. One of them is not PC Pro however - that's published by Dennis publishing, an entirely different company.

Thanks Spuds/FE for replying as I was wary of this offer A short no thank you was sufficent and the caller hung up but it did cross my mind if I had carried on credit card details may have been given out by unsuspecting persons BE CAREFUL OUT THERE

  Stuartli 10:56 14 Jul 2004

Probably the Nigerian edition of both publications...:-)

To stop being pestered with cold callers, register with the Telephone Preference Service at click here

Then, if you do get any cold calls, find out who they are (1471 doesn't normally work as numbers are withheld) and report it to TPS via the website.

  ened 17:26 14 Jul 2004

We have been registered with this for some years and it has made no difference whatsoever.
I even wonder whether some companies even (stupidly in my opinion) use this for their list.
Also many cold calls are coming from overseas which are not bound by the code.

  oresome 17:45 14 Jul 2004

I did read somewhere that some third parties sign you up for magazine subscriptions and offer you heavily discounted first few copies off their own back. They then receive commissiion on an ongoing basis from the publishers if you sign up on DD. Similar to insurance brokers that receive their commission on every renewal.

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