3 in 1 printers - Any recommendations?

  scooby03 16:11 02 Apr 2003

Looking to spend up to £200 on a 3in1 printer/copy/scanner. Needs to be good for printing photo quality pictures. Cuurently thinking about the Lexmark X5150. Any views or recommendations?

  BrianW 16:26 02 Apr 2003

I've not used the Lexmark but am still very happy with my HP psc2115. Still not had to change cartridges, despite both the colour and B&W geibing several "you will shortly need to replace yor cartridge" messages. Photo cartridge option gives excellent results. NB: I am an avowed HP enthusiast so may be considered biased? I know there are many fans of Epson (Edstow as main protagonist) and Lexmark. My suggestion, as always, is to go out with a couple of test photos and get them to show you how the print off on the machine. Better yet, in places like PCW you can often have a go yourself.

  BrianW 16:29 02 Apr 2003

you wouldn't think I read my psot before sending!? "Geibing" = giving and "yor" = your. Maybe there should be a monthly prize for the best "proof reading error"?

  scooby03 17:00 02 Apr 2003

Thanks for the tip, had lloked @ this model as well. Any other vies out there?

  Rtus 17:01 02 Apr 2003

My posting look like that all the time. Its not that I cant spell ..Its I cant remember to use the spellchecker.....
On the 3in1 research the running costs (Ink tank purchase/pages per tank etc)I recently installed a Canon MPC200 (not for myself)Now while it does whats in the blurb They fail to mention the Ink cartridges are minute.....And the fact installing them is a bit of a contortionist's delight.they are cheap cartridges though in comparison to the epson range .But being honest I would go for the Epson CX3200/5200

  MElliott1963 17:24 02 Apr 2003

I've got an Epson Stylus Scan 2500 and, whilst I've been happy with the printer/copier, I can not say the same for the support I've received from Epson (that's when I've actually managed to get through to them). I won't go over old ground because I know this has been covered many times in the past on this site. Needless to say, I would be very wary of buying another Epson printer.

On the other hand, I've have very good support from Canon and, in the past, HP, so I would go for one of their printers. I've no experience with Lexmark.

  Rtus 17:45 02 Apr 2003

Beware Epson Support
I cannot comment on MElliott1963 post But can say Ive never had any bother .The Service Ive recieved has been fast and polite ( theyve even rung me later to see how Im getting On with the printer)and I base my printer purchases on those factors Ive recomended purchases of several models of Epson brand to Many Friends And Have yet to hear anything amiss about any of them.I will however Say Epson Only support those who register and who's registration period is current..You will be given a reg code which must be quoted on all contact with them .No code No reply.

  TimC 18:55 02 Apr 2003

Like BrianW, I'll admit a bias towards HP printers!
I was very impressed by the results of the PSC750 a number of friends have them, but the higher spec PSC2110/PSC2115 looks even better. I have a Photosmart 7150 which has the same print spec - PhotoRet IV as the 2110/2115 and have been delighted with it!
P.S. Changing cartridges is a doddle!

  Happy1 21:23 02 Apr 2003

Rtus I have to agreewith you I have Epson CX5200. Have always gone with Epson. Been lucky so far no probs. Easy change cartridges. Really good results and easy to use. Stand alone copier feature as well. I have contacted Epson in past for advice and answered straight away and even sent me some free goodies.

  Rtus 22:33 02 Apr 2003

as a matter of interest how many printed pages blk / colour ? are you getting

  Happy1 23:48 02 Apr 2003

Sorry for long delay there. Timed out by BT so had a brew etc. In answer to your question Scarily fast - well compared to last printer. About 22 ppm(Pages a minute) Black. 11 ppm Colour. I found that even doing a mixed colour and black printout for Newsletter was extremely fast and perfectly printed.

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