2MP or 3MP?? wat do u suggest??

  sohaib 13:29 28 Jan 2004


Like to know if there is much diffrence seen between 2MP or 3MP pictures? when printing them to a normal 6x4 size!

What do you guys suggest on fuji a205 or a210? anyone who has them??

Also? if any one has used fuji digital cameras? who good is the webcam? does it work with MSN and Yahoo??


  Octoz 13:41 28 Jan 2004

Would always go for higher resolution as gives more flexibility and future potential.

  tenplus1 13:43 28 Jan 2004

If you are only printing 6x4 photos then the 2 megapixel camera will do you fine, although if you do want to print bigger images in the future it's worth going for the 3 megapixel...

Most webcams will work with MSN and Yahoo without any problems and Fuji is a good make...

  Stuartli 13:54 28 Jan 2004

The more megapixels you have the greater the detail and resolution and the larger you can print your pictures if required.

You can always reduce resolution to send as e-mails etc but you can never add it afterwards.

These comments go with the expectation that the camera is from a leading manufacturer and that the optics are also/therefore first class.

  Stuartli 14:05 28 Jan 2004

By "never add it afterwards" I mean, of course, at the time of taking the shot(s) and the resulting file(s).

  MisterPaul 14:14 28 Jan 2004

you can afford. However, 2mega pixels will give a very good quality print up to 10x8


  anchor 19:27 28 Jan 2004

As MisterPaul said, go for the best you can afford. Personally, I would sacrifice an optical zoom for more pixels if cost is a factor. You can always crop down on the PC; then the extra pixels will show in the image improvement. However, if you only want to print at 6x4inch, with no crop, then 2Mp will be fine.

Remember, all cameras are not equal. Choose one from a well known maker, such as Fuji, Canon, etc.

  sohaib 20:23 28 Jan 2004

I m getting the drift what u r on about, specially becoz now that cameras improve everyday! its best 2 go with the hight megapixel!

nice more advice would be appreaciated?

Also has anyone bought camera or other expensive stuff from ebuyer? seeing on the forum they don't seem to have such a good reputation??

let me knw


  Sheila-214876 21:51 28 Jan 2004

I can't see any difference when printing up to A4 on my Epson 915 printer from either of my two cameras. 1 is the Nikon Coolpix 2500 2mp and 2 is the Minolta Z1 3.1mp. The Nikon has a 3x optical zoom and the Minolta has a 10x optical zoom. I have bought from ebuyer but nothing over £100. Not had any problems so far. I normally check out click here for best prices and where to buy.

  DieSse 23:53 28 Jan 2004

"becoz now that cameras improve everyday! its best 2 go with the hight megapixel!"

I don't understand the logic in this. If 2mp gives you the class of results you want, why spend more for 3mp. Even if all cameras are better tomorrow, how would that change how happy you are with the results you get?

  MisterPaul 08:31 29 Jan 2004

higher resolution picture, you are able to enlarge it more on the pc before quality begins to be compromised. It is ok saying that 2mp is good for 6x4 prints, but if you have a picture you want to crop, cutting out approx half of the picture, then the resolution will halve. If you have 3mp in this case, then you will get away with it.


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