2700 mAh AA batteries now available

  anchor 09:05 09 Feb 2006

I see that 7dayshop now have these high power batteries on sale. Useful for those cameras, etc., that take Ni-Mh rechargeables.

click here

Other suppliers probably have them available also.

  spuds 11:13 09 Feb 2006

'Other suppliers probably have them available also'--Yep,they do :o)

  Jdoki 11:29 09 Feb 2006

But not at 7dayshop's low low prices! :)

Their introductory price of 6.99 for 4 certainly beats Maplins current price, even with P&P

  garrema 13:44 09 Feb 2006

Well I have have just dropped them 20 of my Queens Enlish Pounds.
Never knew they existed - nice one anchor.

  oresome 19:00 09 Feb 2006

I don't know if Ni-Mh are better in this respect than Ni-Cads, but their capacity developed to full after 3 or 4 charges and then it was downhill from there on.

I used to have a professional customer who measured the capacity after 11 months. The company I worked for had an agreement with them that batteries that were below 80% capacity would be replaced foc.

We got batteries back by the hundred.

  Totally-braindead 20:19 09 Feb 2006

Its also worth mentioning that they are doing some compatible inkjet cartridges for 99p including the cleaning ones.

  Smiler 16:55 12 Feb 2006

check here
click here

"NiCad batteries gradually lose their maximum energy capacity if they are repeatedly partially discharged before being recharged. This is termed the memory effect.
A major advantage of NiMH battery technology, apart from lack of toxicity, is the absence of any memory effect - NiMH batteries are remarkably tolerant of frequent 'top-up' charging."

  oresome 17:57 12 Feb 2006

Thanks for the link Smiler.

Some useful info on the site. Interested in the self discharge figure of 1% per day. Explains why my camera batteries always need charging when I come to use it.

  GaT7 19:04 12 Feb 2006

Not surprisingly, the 2700s are also available on eBay for even less (incl P+P) click here.

Was looking at those 7day ones yesterday. Wonder how long they take to charge - couldn't find this info anywhere? The single reviewer at 7day didn't mention click here.
Would be helpful if garrema, or someone else who buys them, will let us know & mention it in their review at 7day. G

  961 19:14 12 Feb 2006

If you want the low down on batteries, and have a couple of hours to spare, try
click here

  Smiler 11:18 13 Feb 2006

I think you'll find the charging time is dependant on the charger. The higher the output of the charger the quicker it will charge. A charger with an output of 6v, 1000mA would take 2 hours to charge four 1.5v 2000mA batteries.

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