256mb XFX 8800gt for £117 - opinions please

  [email protected] 05:39 19 Nov 2007

Hi all

Scan are offering the newly released 256mb version of the 8800gt for just £117.

Seems to be a bargain on the face of it even given that you lose 256mb ram & the clock speed is slightly reduced.

I wont be using the card for resolutions over 1280x1084 so not sure I would get much benifit from the extra ram and usually try to change my card yearly getting the best bang for my buck as I can (currently using a 7900gs).

Would this seem a good buy or should I look elsewhere.

My max budget would be around £130 as although I like gaming it wont cook my tea... :-)

  [email protected] 05:40 19 Nov 2007

Sorry, should have added a link to the card:
click here

  TopCat® 10:27 19 Nov 2007

PCA magazine - 150 - is the Asus 512Mb nVidia GeForce 8800GT PCI-Express VGA Card. It was given a gold award. I found it click here at £176.19 - more than you want to pay but extremely good value for its performance. TC.

  [email protected] 09:01 20 Nov 2007

That is obviously a better card but is it £60 (over than 50% more) better ??

  donki 11:52 20 Nov 2007

IMO if you are wantign to use DX10 you will need the higher RAM. If you will be using XP for the forseeable future then it will suit you fine. DX10 will need alot of RAM. Its very good value for money and a top brand of card.

  [email protected] 14:41 20 Nov 2007


Probably not going to be too bothered about DX10 - just looking for the best performance for the least cash to use with current games.

By the time DX10 comes to the fore I might be looking at upgrading again in about a year.

  phoenix198 15:11 21 Nov 2007

The 256MB 8800GT should be excellent for the resolutions you intend using, even DX10 games. Most comparative reviews I've read show it being on a par with the 512MB version up to about 1680x1050.

So I'd call that a good deal even though I've gone for the 512MB 8800GT as I game at 1920x1200

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