256MB+ SmartMedia Cards?

  Nick2002 14:45 21 Sep 2003

Are 256MB or larger SmartMedia cards available? If so, how much do they cost, and from what sites (UK or otherwise)?


  Chegs ® 15:16 21 Sep 2003

click here

Have a look round these,see who/what sells them and what sizes are available.

  Nick2002 15:45 21 Sep 2003

Thanks Chegs. As it happens, I'd already done a Google search and couldn't find anywhere that sold 256MB cards, which is why I asked in here. I thought that someone might be able to tell me for sure if they existed or not, and if so, provide a site which I had obviously overlooked.

  Chegs ® 16:11 21 Sep 2003

Just had a check thru a few and 128mb seems to be the largest of the SM cards.So,I would think its safe to say that a 256mb card doesn't exist.

  tbh72 16:18 21 Sep 2003

Smart Media only have capacities upto 128mb, if you require greater capacity you will have to look at alternative cards, subject to your equipment supporting them. For example Compact Flash have attained capacities of 1024mb.

  Nick2002 16:37 21 Sep 2003

Thanks for that conclusive info tbh72. I think that resolves the matter for me. The reason I asked is that I'm thinking of getting a GP32 handheld games console, which only takes SmartMedia cards.

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