£2.50pm to collect totalise email

  reddwarfcrew 10:59 28 Nov 2003

I'm on freeserve broadband, but have many email addresses.

I've now had a mail from totalise saying that unless I log in using them as my ISP, I will no-longer be able to pick up my mail unless I pay £2.50pm for the privaledge.

Now I know that I'm currently using them for free, but £2.50 seems a bit steep. Is this the end of free email, will hotmail and yahoo follow suit, or are totalise in deep financial trouble?

  pj123 13:03 28 Nov 2003

Don't know about yahoo but hotmail have said that if you want more than 2mb for emails they will charge. I would suggest you cancel all your "many email" addresses and get yourself perhaps 2. One from your existing ISP and one other webmail address. I have NTL broadband with one POP3 address and also a hotmail address. Why do I need any more (it just means logging in to all my email addresses to see if I have any emails) which I can do without.

  dth 16:20 28 Nov 2003

BT Internet do the same.

I just log-in every 89 days for 1 minute.

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