2.1 speakers

  Tree3 14:19 15 Nov 2003

does anyone know where to get cheap 2.1 surround speakers from really cheap i have looked on ebay there are ones from £25 i wondered if there was any cheaper ones or same priced but brand new

  Stuartli 14:42 15 Nov 2003

If you have a Staples outlet near to you, it's worth a visit as they have some top brand name speakers at reasonable prices.

Even more important (if my local Staples is a good guide) is that many of the 2.1 systems are linked up to a comparator; you can switch between the various sets of speakers and find out which ones offer the sound quality you like best.

  Tree3 15:27 15 Nov 2003

is there an oline shop where i can buy 2.1 speakers

  carver 15:38 15 Nov 2003

Staples have Creative speakers for £24.99 and at that price what is the point in trying to save pennies by buying online. And as Stuartli has said you should try them out first, remember all speakers are not the same and the difference in sound can be horrible.

  Tree3 16:31 15 Nov 2003

i will look there sometime


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