19" TFT with DVI please

  JACC 21:05 15 Oct 2004

Can you please advise me on the purchase of a 19" TFT Monitor with DVI , it will be used for gaming , dvd's , video editing , mainly those three . I hope to get it as part of an upgrade for my kids for Xmas , between £300 - £350 maybe £400 thankyou in advance .

  t.long 21:21 15 Oct 2004

The problem you face is that for a gaming monitor you want to be looking at response times of 16 or less. Most 19" have 25 or more. However you should remeber that the viewable size of a 17" is comparible with that of a 19" CRT.

I am sure there are good - ie. fast response time [16>], lots of colours, good screen etc. - 19" TFTs out there but you will have to pay a premium.

  Stuartli 09:25 16 Oct 2004

Ebuyer is offering four at under £300 including VAT this weekend at:

click here

You'll have to check out the specs...:-)

  JACC 10:17 16 Oct 2004

cheers Stuartli , I'll have a look , do you have a TFT , what make , any good for games , sorry for all the questions but my kids would a TFT for Xmas and i don't really want to buy one and then go *^$% sake i should have bought the other one . Too much money to waste i'm sure you'll agree so your advice will be appreciated .

  Stuartli 13:32 16 Oct 2004

..the same, but bigpockets is offering a 17in brand new Packard Bell FT700 TFT (analogue input only) for £199.99 including VAT this weekend:

click here

  Stuartli 13:41 16 Oct 2004

No, still got my humble iiyama S702GT 17in monitor bought five years ago and still displaying a first class image.

I occasionally have to use a 17in Sharp TFT which has a clean, crisp image but still find that a CRT has that little bit of extra snap.

But the best TFT I've ever seen to date was a 17in Sony at Staples featuring a black screen - it was a truly stunning display. Forgot to get the model number at the time, but remember it wasn't cheap as you would expect with Sony.

Staples, at least in the case of my local branch, has a number of TFT monitors on display to enable comparisons.

  sarg3 16:16 16 Oct 2004

Be Carefull when buying flat TFT,, I bought one 19inch 25ms but thats 25ms up and down, so 13ms,it all gets very confusing. I had it for 1 hour took straight back. From what ive now seen on 19 inch and 17 inch TFTs nothing comes even close (when gaming) to a good CRT.
Just my 2 pence worth,, but i was lucky as the shop took mine back.

Good luck.

  JACC 14:54 17 Oct 2004

thank-you guys your advice is noted .

  GaT7 23:10 17 Oct 2004

There's a 21" CRT monster (weighing in at 30Kg!!) going for just over £200 at Aria - 21" Dell P1130 Trinitron Flat CRT Black - click here - worth a look.

But if the kids' hearts are set on a TFT who's to fault them ; ) G

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