19" LCD Monitor

  WHU 18:38 23 Nov 2005

Im looking into buying a new 19" LCD monitor for use with a media pc, so i mainly want it to be good for watching tv/dvd's. Im looking to spend about £200, but will pay a bit extra if its worth it. Ive been looking at Viewsonic or iiyama as these seem to get the best reviews.
Would appreciate anyones opinion on these, or recommendations for any other makes/models.

  961 18:44 23 Nov 2005

I got an Acer AL1912 from Argos for £190. I was aware it did not feature in the top 10 reviews but it met my budget and I felt that if I opened it and tried it carefully I could return it if there were any dead pixels

As it happened, there weren't, and I've been highly delighted with the quality of the screen

  TOPCAT® 18:58 23 Nov 2005

The Viewsonic 924 has been raved about though I'm not sure of its current price. My new 19ins Samsung Sync Master 940B is an excellent monitor selling for around £250. TC.

  jbp1982 19:02 23 Nov 2005

topcat is that the samsung with 4ms response. I have the sync master 193v and I love it, it's the one with the slower response rate.

This one is absolute bliss to look at much better than my old 'orrible digimate one.

I recommend the one topcat is suggesting:

click here

  WHU 19:04 23 Nov 2005

Thanks for the replies. I forgot to mention i would like it to have a DVI input.
I'll take a look at the Acer thanks 961. You mentioned dead pixels, i take it any monitor with dead pixels is seen to be faulty and returnable?
I have seen the reviews for the Viewsonic and it does sound great, 4ms response time. I think they sell for around £270, which is more than i would like to pay, although i must admit to being tempted.
I'll take a look at the Samsung also.

  jbp1982 19:06 23 Nov 2005

it's only a certain number of dead pixels that is accepted as a fault.

My last digimate one had 3! and the supplier wouldn't deal with me as it had been replaced once before, so I was stuck with it..

  flyingbrit 19:51 23 Nov 2005

Take a look in Comet, I recently bought a 19" Acer AL1913 from there for £169, and I'm dead chuffed with it.

  flyingbrit 19:54 23 Nov 2005

And I forgot to mention, the guy in there said if there were "any" dead pixels, take it back and talk to them nicely and it "should" be replaced.

  WHU 19:58 23 Nov 2005

Just taken a look at the Samsung Sync Master 940B with the 4ms response time. Sounds similar to the Viewsonic i mentioned above, but about £20-£30 cheaper. Looks impressive and some really good reviews.

  mole44 20:03 23 Nov 2005

just got a samsung 930 from watford electronics,its superb had DVI input and a snip at £240

  Psiman 20:06 23 Nov 2005

Took delivery of my Viewsonic VX924 this week from Dabs (£270). Extremely pleased, good looking monitor and no dead pixels. Mind you it's made going to work a right pain to sit in front of a Viglen 17" LCD with a rubbish display. 3ms response time is far in excess of anything I need, but will come into it's own when my lads come home from Uni!

Dabs was a bit unclaer of the 'limited' guarantee quoted on their site, so I rang Viewsonic who confirmed that the three year guarantee is on site, but depending on the fault they may take it for repair and return to site within 48 hours. So, if ever you are unlucky enough to require service, tell them it's terminal and they will come armed with an immediate relacement.

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