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  Zak 19:44 16 Feb 2005

I received an e-mail from this company offering very good competitive rates.

Connection charge 3p from fixed BT line and UK calls currently 0.00p/min. Germany the same, Ireland 0.05p/min.

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However I do have a major concern as the sign up pages and pges requesting credit/debit card details are not https: server, secure site.

I have e-mailed the company for their comments.

Although I am tempted by their offer, the lack of a secure server means that I will not sign up.

Am I being too careful? Paranoid even?

  Zak 19:46 16 Feb 2005

Connection charge 3p from fixed BT line and UK calls currently 0.00p/min. Germany the same, Ireland 0.5p/min.

  TOPCAT® 19:55 16 Feb 2005

Come highly recommended by Martin Lewis. TC.

click here,

  howard60 17:38 19 Feb 2005


  stalion 18:10 19 Feb 2005

anyone else with them already?

  pat-212841 16:07 04 Mar 2005

Yes i am with them i didnt like it when it took my credit card details and it all stayed on the page usually only the last 4 numbers stay there.i seem to be able to call anywhere in Uk for 0p ! i called 3 friends so far and it says 0p charge i do call international on it as well very cheaply ,let you know what happens when i get my bill !!

  Phphred 16:55 04 Mar 2005

I joined them on Sunday evening and so far have only remembered to dial 1899 before my calls my once, but I suppose that I shall get used to it!

  stalion 17:45 04 Mar 2005

a fair few companies tend to keep the last four digits of your credit card number so it's not unusual(Tom Jones).

  Gizmo2005 17:55 04 Mar 2005

I joined them last week BRILLIANT no problems (so far) I am saving a fortune on BT & Onetel prices!

  Tj_El 18:07 04 Mar 2005

nohope & Phphred, I would be interested in knowing what the monthly(?) bill comes to - if you don't mind that is. Calls for 0p sound incredible! How do they make money or even turn a profit?

Do you make many calls - both daytime and evening?

Just trying to get an idea for some form of comparison.



  mr_kite 18:11 04 Mar 2005

been with 1899 on cable since start of year.so far so good.service is very cheap and reliable.hasnt failed me yet.

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