17" laptop screens with 1920 X 1200 screen res or higher?

  Poita 17:39 01 Jan 2015

I need to find a windows laptop that has a large screen such as 17" (much prefer 17" but 15" would do if that's not possible) and that has a resolution of either 1920 X 1200 or higher.

I don't need it to be a powerhouse as its purpose is to demonstrate our software, images and the a web page & app we are developing.

It's amazing how many sites, including Amazon and many aggregation sites do list the screen size but not the screen resolution.

Is there a good site to compare laptops on the market where I can filter screen size 'and' screen resolution?

  The Kestrel 19:51 04 Jan 2015

Ebuyer show both screen size and screen resolution. All their 17" laptops have 1600 x 900 resolution though.

  Poita 13:36 07 Jan 2015

thank's dude. I'll check them out.

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