£150 if there's a fault? Evesham PCs

  Pooke 10:15 16 Sep 2005

Looking around at computers and recieved the Evesham computer mag through the post. Decided I'd phone them and ask a few questions, I have to pay the cost of rturn to base if there's faults, and the cost £150.

Why could these companies not have an outlet over here in Northern Ireland? PCWorld and a local company called mplex are my only 2 choices by the looks of it.

And PCWorld their highest end computer is low end by the type of machine I had in mind. Mplex is incredibly over-priced according to the quotes they gave me.

It's just not fair! (rant over)


  Flak999 11:02 16 Sep 2005

Thats the price you pay for living in a war zone!

  Pooke 12:22 16 Sep 2005

Not a war zone.

Many companies from the mainland are here, including PCW, all the supermarkets, most highstreet chains like Argos, Instore, Dixons and so on.

They seem to be doing well, Northern Ireland has millions of homes and only 2 retailers to supply them with computers? That's alot of business being lost out on by the others...


  Diodorus Siculus 12:37 16 Sep 2005

[quote]Northern Ireland has millions of homes[/quote] :-) well, quite few anyway!

Anyway, I agree that there is something of an anomaly but much is down to the couriers / delivery services.

I expect that you have the competence to build your own - maybe time for the entrepreneurial spirit to get going.

  pj123 13:17 16 Sep 2005

Maybe it should be. They give you £150 if there is a fault.

That should sort out the best manufacturers/suppliers???

  Pooke 13:20 16 Sep 2005

Total population of Northern Ireland = 1,685,267 (Census 29 April 2001)

OK so it's not big, NI, but it's still a substantial market. The likes of Evesham, Mesh and the various others I've looked at would wipe the floor over here, the only competition really is mplex, 8 shops now started with one about 2 or 3 years ago, is over priced.

I'm heading in the direction of my own build, yes, but I am cautious infact more nervous. I'd rather pay and get one built.


  Pooke 13:20 16 Sep 2005

Now I like that idea!

  ade.h 16:51 17 Sep 2005

You're right; that's not fair at all. Surely Evesham could at least reduce that cost if it partnered up with a locally-based repair company which would be interested in taking on a service contract. Evesham HQ can still handle all the warranty support, then arrange for customers to send their PCs to the repair centre, or have them collected.

  amonra 16:55 17 Sep 2005

Go on, give it a shot ! You can build quite a good spec computer for less than what they charge AND learn a lot in the process. There are many, MANY experts on this forum who will be delighted to help you. They will draw up a spec, tell you where to buy, what to buy, and talk you through the set up. Go on, you know it makes sense !!!!!!

  Pooke 17:49 17 Sep 2005

madboy33©® Thu, 08.09.05 | 18:00

In this thread amonra:

click here

That's the kind of set up I'm after, maybe slightly, slightly less.


  GuyR 08:07 18 Sep 2005

Do you not have computer fairs,you will find the cheapest suppliers there and if you want I'm sure there will be firms prepared to build a system for you if too nervous to build yourself.

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