12 months warrenty help

  [DELETED] 00:33 24 Sep 2003

10 months ago I brought a toshiba television from empiredirect click here which developed a fault three weeks ago. When the fault first on 01/09 , i called empiredirect and told them of the problem (tv wouldn't come out of standby), i was told that a referral would be sent to their engineers and i should hear from them in 48 hours.

By 04/09 i still hadn't heard from them. So i called again, was told that the first referral hadn't been sent again was told engineers would contact me in 48 hours. Once more the 48 hour deadline went with no contact from the engineers, for more 3 times i called called empiredirect to see what was going on each time i was told that engineers would contact me shortly - but no contact was ever made.

By this time the date had reached 16/09 fed up with waiting for engineers, i requested the telephone number of the engineers from empiredirect. Phoned the engineers up and was informed that no referral had been sent to them about me from empiredirect (this was after being told that 3 referrals had been sent by empiredirect). The engineers then told me that they would be happy to come and see the televsision for a charge, but not for free as under the 12 month manufactors warrenty till a referral had been sent by empiredirect.

on the 18/09 called empiredirect, told them what the engineers had told me and was promised that a referral would be sent personnally by the person answering the phone once i hung up.

By the 22nd of this month i had no reply from the engineers called empiredirect demanding to speak with the supervisor/head of the returns department was told that the manager was not present and would call me back, again i have not been called back by the manager. Have contacted toshiba and they have informed me that i have to go through empiredirect to get my television fixed.

Seeing that empiredirect do not seem inclinced to repair/replace my tv before the 12 months warrenty runs out, i am uncertain of what steps to take to fix this sitution, does contacting trading standards seem reasonable, and what other steps seem reasonable to take?

  [DELETED] 11:22 24 Sep 2003

I'm just looking at their website, wow there prices do seem cheap. Bonus, they even have a price promise, I have just read the terms of the price promise and in a round about way it states that you have to send proof of cheaper price by conventional mail.

The first thing I would do in your position is get a letter in the post sent by recorded delivery requesting that warranty call.

  [DELETED] 11:25 24 Sep 2003

The Clock Buildings
Roundhay Road

Here's the postal address to save you rooting around for it!!! Other members will be able to advise you better legally.

  spuds 19:17 24 Sep 2003

Send a registered letter to Empire, stating all the facts, including invoice and warranty numbers etc. Give them a time scale in which to sort out the problem of sending an engineer. I would suggest something like 10-14 working days.State that you will proceed with a possible small claims court procedure, if they ignore your request.

Another method, which you could attempt. Visit your local trading standards, and seek advice from them. In some cases the trading standards may contact Empire on your behalf.I have known the trading standards to make a quick phone call, and this can soon solve a problem within minutes, but of course this depends on your local TS.

I think someone else as done a similar posting awhile ago, regarding Empire repair problems. Might be worth a search within the forum.

  [DELETED] 23:56 25 Sep 2003

sent them a registered letter, engineer called today, looks like problem maybe sorted thanks all

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