100Meg Broadband been installed later today.

  Autoschediastic 02:02 16 Nov 2011

Good morning, ive had some issues in the past with Virgin Media not with their speeds but with what they advertise, anyway thats in the past and today i am getting an upgrade from the 50Meg package to the super fast 100Meg, there is only £2.50 the difference PW so i have decided to go ahead with the upgrade,

It seems VM are the only ISP that offer a really decent speed? i noticed a story that BT have installed Fibre optics to most of their customers BUT they have had the fibre optics installed right to the Exchanges and from the exchanges installed copper cabling to customers homes instead of going the extra mile and using fibre optics all the way?? why would they do that? that has affected the deliverable speed into their customers homes hugely...

& this story is in some ways good news to some of you that are not happy with your Broadband suppliers:

Changes to ISP

  beeuuem 03:29 16 Nov 2011

"It seems VM are the only ISP that offer a really decent speed" It depends on what you define as a 'really decent speed'. I'm on an 'up to 20 Mb ' BB package and get a steady 18 Mb with line rental and anytime calls for half the price of the equivalent VM package with 100Mb BB. The question is - do I really need 100Mb for twice the price my existing ISP charges?

  morddwyd 07:26 16 Nov 2011

Wouldn't mind somewhere near the 8 meg they quote (BT).

Never had more than 6 (currently 4, and it's hardly a peak time).

  Quickbeam 07:29 16 Nov 2011

But at one time, not so long ago, we managed with a 14kb modem. I wonder what the norm that we simply just must have will be in another 10 years...?

  Autoschediastic 08:30 16 Nov 2011

beeuuem on the link i also posted there is a graph on the right hand side which shows ISP's advertised speed and actual speeds achievable, from what i can see VM seem to be the only one thats advertising and delivering an acceptable speed,

* BT's "up to" 20Mbps - average 7.3 - 9.1Mbps
* Plusnet's "up to" 20Mbps - average 6.6 - 8.4Mbps
* Sky's "up to" 20Mbps - 7.2 - 8.1Mbps
* TalkTalk's "up to" 24Mbps - 7 - 8.5Mbps
* Virgin Media's "up to" 20Mbps - 16.4 - 18.1Mbps......!!!!
* Orange's "up to" 20Mbps - 6.6 - 7.6Mbps
* 02/Be's "up to" 24Mbps - 10 - 11.5Mbps

BTW ive got family in South America so i would benefit from the 100Meg via Skype and uploading speeds sending files, the price was only £2.50 per week the difference hence why i decided its simply a good deal..

  Al94 09:30 16 Nov 2011

This makes interesting reading re drop in speed at certain times of day http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15742055

  natdoor 10:00 16 Nov 2011

BT are installing fibre to local cabinets from their exchanges. The last section will use existing copper cables. The laying of fibre caused massive upheaval to traffic and was very expensive. Why would we want to go through that again? We are stuck with the consequence of the right to lay fibre being sold off to private companies by Thatcher. At least BT will provide an element of competition with their upgraded system, BT Infinity.

In my view, utilities should be publicly owned. Privatisation has brought no benefit through supposed competition and we are at the mercy of foreign compnies for supply and future enhancement of electricity and gas supplies, for example. In order to get new nuclear power stations built, we will have to meet whatever demands are made in terms of subsidies.

  Al94 10:13 16 Nov 2011

There has been a massive investment by BT in Northern Ireland of FTTC, I have had Infinity for over a year now. There was no disuption to traffic of any description as the fibre optic cables were pulled through existing trunking, only majot work was the new green cabinets on the footpath.

  natdoor 11:01 16 Nov 2011


The major disruption to traffic was when fibre was installed by NTL et al. I believe that there is minimal disruption, if any, in comparison as a result of BT installing FTTC. I am sorry if I did not make that clear.

  beeuuem 14:43 16 Nov 2011

Autoschediastic I wasn't criticising your choice - some of us don't have the cable(VM) option. I don't, even though I live, quite literally. in the centre of Edinburgh. On the other hand my O2 "up to 20 Mb" gives me a constant, stable, 18 Mb which is adequate for my needs. In part this is through optimising the performance of the router, on the basic settings the D/L speed is only some 15Mb. But if 100 Mb were to become available I might be tempted!!

  Forum Editor 17:42 16 Nov 2011

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