1 week old faulty mesh computor can not return

  charcoal 22:56 24 Jun 2003

The computor tower box was badly damaged but appeared ok. This was reorted. Conected the computor loaded programs provided. Error message queride with technical department after 30 wait to be connected. Told this was as I had not connected the digital cable to my digital screen not included eventhough I ordered a digital monitor. 3/4 45 min wait calls to customer services and no connection I eventually was told I would not only have to pay for the cable but an extra delivery charge. I had ordered this comutor over the pone asking for a digital monitor so belive correct cable should be included whilst paying for the cable would be resonable extra delivery is not. I could not make my scanjet work or loggon to the net using my loggin name and password. I went through trouble shooting and found it was passed as working but there ws a fault (yellow !) on bus controller I uninstalled and reinstalled and was told problem occured at installation and it probablly would not work it did not. After many calls many not put through after very long waits Modem problem was corrected but after downloads and following instructions the usb's still do not work all of this has taken a week and just want to send this computor back. I phoned to differant departments to log a call back from customer services as I had not recieved a return call and could not get through I e-mailed them twice faxed twice saying I wished to return the computor at five o'clock I received a cll and after ane-mail saying the problem sounde like a soft ware problem so I could not return the product and get a refund. The service is so bad even if the computor was working well I would not want it. Am I required in law to keep reinstalling and down loading information is not 1 week enough should a computor not work when it arrives. Over the past 20 years of computors I have never had this sort of problem. This is an expensive purchase for me and I can not aford to loose this money.HELP.

  Steven135 23:55 24 Jun 2003

I have posted a similar thread about Evesham same wait on the phone same frustration with a product that should be checked before dispatch you have my sympathy.

There are several knowledgeable people on here who will be able to advise you of your rights.

Hope you get it sorted.

  Sir Radfordin 23:57 24 Jun 2003

If the computer box was damaged you should never have accepted it but rejected it at that point.

I have attempted to understand your problem but can't really get my head around it due to some spelling mistakes. Whilst I don't think it should be word perfect English it does sometimes help. My Eng. isn't great so its not like I'm moaning at you. It may be helpful to paste your thread into Word (or similar) to spell check and then repost.

Was any cable supplied for the monitor? If not then I would say you should have been sent a DVI one, if not an analogue. If you did get an analogue cable then unfortunatly not a lot can be done but pay the money and let it be a hard lesson to learn. I don't think there are many monitors that are sold with a digital cable. You should of course been told this at point of sale.

Was the scanner bought with the Mesh PC or not?

The modem/usb cables could well be linked to the untold damage the PC has had - connections loose.

If you believe the computer is not fit for the purprose it was sold then you can reject it under the Sale of Goods Act. If you paid with a credit card (or finance) then contact the card company and talk to them.

Post back if you need more advice.

  accord 05:34 25 Jun 2003


can you put a request to the forum editor for PCA to include a spell checker when you write a thread. might make it easier to understand.

  Sir Radfordin 07:23 25 Jun 2003

*a small aside*

PCA have said many times in the past they have no plans to include a spell checker or an edit function on the site. Users who want a spell checker would be advised to download something called IESpell (or similar) which I believe does allow you spell check from within IE.

  hoverman 07:33 25 Jun 2003

If your thread is to be a lengthy one you could compose it in a word processor, spell check it, and then use copy and paste to insert it into the Forum message box.

  -pops- 08:52 25 Jun 2003

I feel the object of the thread is being lost.

Remember charcoal, there is a hotline to Mesh on this forum: [email protected]

As you have been advised above, reject the machine as unsuitable for purpose and inform your credit card company exactly what you are doing - they are your friends in matters like this.


  MESH Response 09:17 25 Jun 2003


If you could heed pops advise and email us your order number to the stated address - we will look into this asap and see what more we might do to help.

MESH Response

  ardvarc 10:01 25 Jun 2003

click here and set the default language to UK English in Tools-iSpell options.

  -pops- 11:13 25 Jun 2003

Are you in the right thread?

  ray27 19:29 26 Jun 2003

I used this forum when I had problems with a new PC from Mesh and it did get results.

The guys on this forum all told me to keep at them.
But why should we have to resort to a third party such as PCAdviser Consumerwatch to get the service we have paid for.

Just a message to Mesh yes it is working OK now. Why havn't you been in touch with me to see if the replacement Hard Drive has cured the problem?

Your PC is fine machine but let down by your poor technical support and after sales service

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