0870 numbers

  namtas 09:22 09 Oct 2006

Information was posted recently on 0870 calls.
Users of fixed price packages, such as Talk Talk get all normal and some International calls free, apart from the 0870 calls
A possible solution, especially for those long 0870 hold calls that go on and on.

click here

  anchor 10:04 09 Oct 2006

A good reminder, especially for some of our newer members.

  lisa02 11:09 09 Oct 2006

Saved me a few pennies on the phone bill a number of times.

  Stuartli 16:30 09 Oct 2006

Trouble is that a lot of firms, including TalkTalk(!) have got wise to the practice...:-)

  Stuartli 16:32 09 Oct 2006

Martin Lewis offers plenty of advice re cheap phone calls at his MoneySavingExpert website (plus lots of other interesting ways of saving money, including BB):

click here

  BankRaid.com 17:25 09 Oct 2006

If you get free calls from your telephone operator (such as evenings and/or weekends), try locating an alternative to the 0870 (or 0845) number you have to call. This can be done at: click here.

Just go to the website and enter the number (or company name - also bearing in mind variations of the name if it's not readily available).

You will then be presented with a geographic number which should qualify for a free call (assuming your telephone operator gives you this privilege).

Good luck!

  Stuartli 17:57 09 Oct 2006

Perhaps you should read namtas's thread again...:-)

  Forum Editor 18:53 09 Oct 2006

My thought exactly.

  terryf 12:22 10 Oct 2006

Another way is to use the number given for calling from overseas (banks for instance give out this number), I have usually had a sympathetic response when asked why I called the number from UK and say that it doesn't cost because of my phone package. I haven't had a time when the call centre operators wold not accept this

  xania 16:41 10 Oct 2006

I've used the SAYNOTO0870 quite a few times - the good news is they sometimes come up with 0800 alternatives. Its amazing how much more quickly you get to speak to a human this way.

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