02 have passed on my Mobile No. to Sky now I am being cold called

  Audio~~Chip 10:34 19 Jul 2013

Hello As many of the O2 Broadband uses may know O2 have sold there Broadband service to Sky with September being the time Sky take on broadband from the O2 service.

I have now been bombarded with cold calling from Sky wanting me to by TV packages & moving my Telephone over to them.

I asked how Sky got my O2 mobile number and was told O2 passed my mobile number over to sky!

I opted out or 3rd party companys taking my number when I took out my Pay Monthly mobile contract.

Since the last 6 - 8 months I have been struggling to send texts to people and they arrive from 4 days to 11 days late.

My main gripe is O2 passing on my mobile to Sky. Is there anything I can do to maybe break my pay monthly contract with O2 &/or pull the plug because my Text Messages are not being sent when Phone and voicemail works fine.

Cheers Steven

  Pine Man 10:41 19 Jul 2013

You don't say if you had broadband with o2 or not.

I had broadband with o2 and as such my mobile details were held with my broadband account for notifications etc.

When Sky took over the o2 broadband service my mobile details became available to them with my existing o2 package and they did contact me. I was very glad they did as I was able to negotiate an excellent broadband/home phone package with them that, surprisingly, was cheaper than o2.

  Audio~~Chip 10:48 19 Jul 2013

Hello Pine Man

Yes, I have O2 Broadband.

But what was the point of me opting out of marketing call only for this to be broken.

  Pine Man 11:03 19 Jul 2013

I understand what you mean but it would appear to me that Sky legitimately came into possession of your mobile number with your broadband account but not your mobile contract so couldn't have known your preferences re marketing.

I must stress that I don't work for, or have any affiliation, to Sky. I was most upset when o2 sold their broadband/home phone business to Sky who hadn't got a particularly good customer service history. However as I said previously their price was excellent and the changeover seamless. I have had some queries since joining and the responses have always been very quick and helpful.

I think it helped me 'jumping ship' early and getting a good price as no one knows what is going to happen with pricing when the remaining o2 customers are forcibly moved in the near future.

  spuds 11:13 19 Jul 2013

It would appear that o2 have transferred all your details to the new owner of your service, as perhaps would be expected.

Contact the new provider of your services, either by email or recorded snail-mail, explaining your dissatisfaction. See what their response is, then go from there. If you are still not happy after you have received Sky's response, then you have further options of involving ombudsman and 'watchdogs' or perhaps changing service provider.

  Audio~~Chip 07:10 20 Jul 2013

Thanks Pine Man & Spuds

Will do that, and contact them to see what they say. Will be after the weekend now.

Cheers Steven.

  morddwyd 09:32 20 Jul 2013

I must say that at first glance this seems kosher to me.

If you buy a company you buy their customer database too.

However, if you are genuinely concerned contact the Data Commissioner.

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