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Welcome to the Norton 360 v6 beta test

  Forum Editor 23:45 21 Dec 2011

Please use this thread to post about your download and installation experience. When mentioning specific problems please ignore the fact that the initial download link may not have worked for you.

  carver 05:04 23 Dec 2011

Installed but had to manually install previous version of Norton 360 V5 before I could install, after that I found out that my DVD drive no longer worked.

This could just be a coincidence and that the two things are not linked but after installing the Beta version of Norton it flagged this problem up when I ran a diagnostic report from within Norton. The drive was working correctly just 2 days before the download and install of the Beta.

But to get DVD drive to be recognised by PC and with the help of people in the helproom managed to get it back by altering registry.

As I said the 2 things may not be connected.

Windows 7 64 bit.

  sunnystaines 08:49 23 Dec 2011

installed ok.

  Taff™ 18:18 23 Dec 2011

Installed fine. Not that I am one, but from a "New Users" point of view the messages during installation might put you off.

  Taff™ 18:43 23 Dec 2011

I'll explain more ... after installation the GUI (General User interface) says "Explore" why not keep it simple? "You are Protected" and then perhaps "What do you wan't to do next" - "Check for updates" or "Check my current system"

Instead Norton gives you a very complicated Control Panel with no guidance. Yes you can explore if you know this software but I think most new users will be bewildered. IMHO

I think there should be a self activating link to a website which tells the first time user what to do next if anything.

  Forum Editor 19:45 23 Dec 2011

Thank you all for your feedback. When you're ready, please respond in the thread entitled 'Norton 360 v6 Operating experience'.

  Jameslayer 20:29 26 Dec 2011

Install went fine it uninstalled MSE for me.

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