Forum Editor 16:06 06 Jan 2009

to the Norton 360 beta forum. If you're one of our team of beta testers you should by now have the test software safely installed on your computer from the download link I sent you recently.

As soon as you have Norton 360 running on your machine please post in this thread to tell us how your download and installation went. We're keen to know about any difficulties before we proceed further.

Please don't start new threads of your own - it will confuse the process. Once everyone has reported on a successful (or otherwise) installation we'll move on in a new thread.

  justme 18:06 06 Jan 2009

The download was straight forward and reasonably fast.

The installation required me to uninstall AVG free 8.0. I know that we should not run two antivirus programs at the same time but I would have preferred to keep the AVG so that I could run it if I wanted a second opinion.

For some strange reason I was sent two e-mails from Norton with two different product keys. One did not work but the other did.

  Forum Editor 18:26 06 Jan 2009

Congratulations on being the first arrival, I hope you'll soon be joined by the others. Emails have, or are going out with news of the publication of the forum, but I imagine that others will, like you, find it by themselves.

  justme 18:39 06 Jan 2009

Thanks for the congratulations. It is a very rare thing for me to be the first at anything.

I suppose that we will just have to chat between ourselves while waiting for the rest of the party to arrive. :-)

  babybell 19:08 06 Jan 2009

I unistalled my old Security Centre (McAfee) and installed Norton. The installation took about 5 minutes all together. Early signs are that it is extremely light and crisp and his having no negative affects at the moment. I have discovered one slight error though, should I post details now or wait for a thread on the subject?

  Forum Editor 19:09 06 Jan 2009

Hang on to that error feedback - we'll have a new thread for it soon.

  Zaphod 3 19:12 06 Jan 2009

Uninstalled AVG 8.0 and Zone Alarm first, installed first go, no problems, unlike the last Norton product I had

  BELSEY 19:19 06 Jan 2009

The download was straight forward and fast as was initial set up and scans run.

The installation required me to uninstall Kaspersky but ignored installed Spybot and its protests.

Initial thoughts are it looks good

  tullie 19:24 06 Jan 2009

Downloaded the Norton Beta application,went offline uninstalled Avast Home Free and PC Tools firewall,commenced installation of Norton.Install froze on first try,restarted and all was ok.Went back on line,no other problems.

  Falkyrn 19:38 06 Jan 2009

The download procedure went off without a hitch.
Installation started off well with the beta identifying my current AV program and offering to launch the Add/Remove facility. That things went very pear shaped after this is absolutely no fault of Nortons but was down to a poor removalal of Avast. After a system restore and a redownload of the beta the installation went ahead with no further problems.

Do you want to know now of any problems after initial installation ?

  Legolas 19:57 06 Jan 2009

As most above the download and installation went smoothly. It identified and offered to uninstall AVG 8 free edition. Once uninstalled and after a restart the download was fast and with no hitches. I have in the past installed other Norton products and they have always taken a longer so a promising start. I have not ran a scan yet will do that now.

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